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So you have decided to start pole dancing and you need a home pole dancing kit but you aren’t sure which one is safe, or best.  When you first start shopping for a home dance pole, you will notice that most people refer to a home dance pole as a starter stripper pole kit.  Home stripper pole kits for beginners and home pole dancing kits are basically the same thing, just different lingo.

Many women who use a dance pole for a home workout prefer to call their pole a “fitness pole” or a home “pole dancing pole” because they don’t want people to mistake their intentions.  Chances are if you are like most woman, you want a good workout that is fun and sexy, pole dancing for a workout at home is a great fit, however, the fear of what other people will think and the fear of being labeled as a stripper still lingers in the air.  Nobody wants to be called a stripper if they aren’t one and they really don’t want to call their fitness pole a stripper pole, that’s when a more professional and softer description came about regarding pole dancing poles.

When you first get started, a pole kit is best for beginners because it will give you everything you need to get started.  You may need other things like pole dance crash mats or gripping gloves as you advance and your fitness levels improve.  A home pole dancing kit will give you what you need to get started for a beginner with ease.

Here is what a beginner would need in a good home pole dancing kit:

HOT TIP FOR BUYING YOUR FIRST DANCE POLE KIT  >>>  you may need help choosing a dance size and a dance pole finish type, use those links for helpful articles regarding those topics.  The most popular and standard for general use in a home pole dancing kit is a dance pole in a chrome finish in a 45 mm size that is spinning and portable.  You can get free standing pole dancing poles with a base or pole dancing poles with a stage in a kit as well.

  • Pole Dancing Lessons in your kit: If you can’t find these classes locally, then online lessons are available. Be sure to choose lessons that are appropriate for you. There are different kinds of lessons, some are exotic, some use heels, some don’t use heel, some are for fitness only, some are for preparing for a competition and others are for everyday women. Depending on your individual reasons for pole dancing, you will need to choose the right lessons for you. You can always buy several different kinds of lessons and see what you like best. There are different teaching styles and everyone learns differently, whatever you choose, learn to dance at home safely. Here are some good fitness oriented lessons for everyday woman to get a pole dancing workout included in your pole kit >>
  • Liquid of Cream Grip Aids in your kit: You can find grip aids included in the home pole dancing kit, but be a little cautious and do your homework before settling on the grip aid included in your pole kit.  The type of grip aid you choose depends on your environment and skin type. There isn’t a “one size fits all” option.   It’s important to try a few different types of grip aid until you find the perfect fit for you. The good news is that grip aid is cheap, usually under $10, so you can add it to your home pole dancing kit very easily. Here is a great article that will help you choose a grip aid for your skin type >>
  • Grip Gloves & Other Wearable Gear In Your Kit: Tacky grip gloves are a great addition to a beginner home pole dancing kit because many beginners lack the upper body strength to do a full pole dancing routine.  It takes time to develop the strength in your hands to do so.   Grip gloves can help you pole dance longer, enabling your to get a longer calorie burning workout while you are waiting for the muscles in your hands to get stronger for more advanced pole dancing tricks.

There are a few different types of pole dance starter kits in the polefitnessdancing.com shop.   Some have the complete beginner kit including grip aids, gloves, online lessons, and a dance pole while other just have the dance pole and online lessons.  There is something for everyone at every level : )

Once you have all three of those in place, then you are ready to begin learning to pole dance at home for a workout!! 


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