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(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

The core of your body, the abdominals, is the most critical part of a dancer’s success. It is the central point for balancing the body, stacking the bones, and proper posture in all dance positions. A strong core isn’t just essential for pole fitness dancing either, it’s essential across the board no matter what type of dance you are working to perfect and for that reason, a good pole dance workout routine for a stronger core is a must.

Getting into a regular routine with your workout is good because it produces good motivation and challenge when done correctly. There are many different kinds of abdominal exercises you can do from crunches to planks, to sit-ups, but if you don’t work your abdominals is a holistic way and hit ALL the abdominal muscles as a whole, then you could be lacking in adequate strength when you go the execute those fancy pole dancing moves.

Sit Ups are not enough. Crunches alone are not enough. Pole dancing is a challenge and requires VERY strong abs. You will use ab muscles and feel muscles you never thought existed when you learn pole dancing moves.

So if you are looking to get strong and potentially get those six-pack abs, then pole dancing is your sport.

There are good ab exercises you can do ON the dance pole that also strengthens the upper body and legs. However, in this article, I want to talk about an ab workout routine you can do at home without pole dancing poles.

Everybody needs a good ab workout and if you haven’t bought a pole dancing pole for your home yet, then a floor ab workout routine will help get strong and prepare you for learning a pole dancing routine at home.

Using an at home routine you can do on the floor daily (or at least every other day) is best because it gets you in the habit of using your core as well as promotes good posture.   When you do a good ab routine that promotes proper form when executing crunches and other moves, then it reminds you on a daily basis to hold your hips and other body parts in proper alignment. This daily reminder builds proper posture into your subconscious memory so you don’t have to think about it so hard when you are trying to conscious remember dance choreography.

Also, workout routines can be boring!   If you choose a very simple and repetitive routine, it might be easy to remember day after day, but you may find yourself bored very quickly and end up mentally pushing yourself to keep doing a workout routine you don’t genuinely want to do in your heart.

Choose a mentally challenging workout routine that will challenge your ability to use your brain by remembering the routine or choreography. Make sure the routine is full of a VARIETY of body movements that keep you moving in different directions creating a muscle confusion which in turn forces your abs to react and adapt – making them stronger, tighter, and leaner.

Get an ab routine that incorporates the movement of the legs to intensify the use of the lower abs which reduces the “pooch”. You will need a lot of lower ab strength to execute straddle moves in pole dance.

If you don’t already have an ab workout routine, there is a good ab workout routine you can do in the comfort of your own home without a dance pole. It is choreographed to music to stave off boredom and has all the holistic movements incorporating different directions and the use of leg movements here >>


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