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Lesson 5 | Learn The Play & Win Pole Dancing Routine For Beginners Step By Step

by | Jan 23, 2018 | 4 comments

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2024)

The goal of this week’s pole dancing lesson is to really focus on bringing the Play & Win pole dancing routine for beginners to completion with proper dance technique and begin the intermediate version of the Play & Win pole dance routine.

We are on the 5th lesson in this pole dancing routine for beginners and it’s important to really focus on bringing pole lesson #1, lesson #2, lesson #3, and pole lesson #4 together into a complete routine while ironing out some of the details and dance technique required to make you look as good as possible.

Once you are done perfecting the dance technique and perform the beginner routine fluidly from memory, you can move on to the intermediate version of this pole dance routine if your skill level and fitness level is appropriate.  To move forward into the intermediate version, you will need to be comfortable inverting before you begin.

Lets start by talking about some dance technique tips you need to focus on in the beginner routine (intermediates can also use these dance tips in the intermediate routine as well so keep reading):


Pole Dance Tip #1:

Watch the angle of your feet.  It’s important not to sickle your feet when you point your toes.  If you don’t know about sickling, there are detailed step by step videos in the PoleBody Complete Home Edition Course.

Pole Dance Tip #2:

Don’t drag the tops of your feet on the floor when you walk, I know some people teach this, however I choose to fall back on ballet basics and doing that sets you up to potentially fall off balance.  If you don’t know what to do, inside the PoleBody Complete Home Edition Pole Lessons Course, you can learn how to walk sexy around the pole with proper foot technique in a step by step video here=>  (be sure you are logged in first)

Pole Dance Tip #3:

Always bring the hips back to a neutral position after kicking them out in various moves like hip rolls or hip sways.  Your bones should be evenly “stacked” throughout the spine with the hips slightly tucked under.  If you don’t know how to stack your bones and posture correctly during dance, there are detailed step by step videos in the PoleBody Complete Home Edition Course.

Pole Dance Tip #4:

When lifting the leg to do anything like inverting, executing a pole spin, or simply stepping around the dance pole, always lift the leg from the hip WITHOUT lifting the hip or butt cheek at all.  Your thigh bone should be rotated outward, hip settled in a neutral position, causing the heel to lift.   Executing all your dance moves with proper form in the leg will leave you very balanced and with the long, lean, and sexy lines of a true dancer.  If you don’t understand how to do this, you can learn how in the this pole dancing leg exercise video here =>

I will give more pole dancing tips to get better for both beginners and intermediate dancers as we do along in this pole lesson series.

For this weeks lesson #5, for beginners => work on tying together beginner pole lessons #1, lesson #2, lesson #3, and Lesson #4 until it’s a seamless routine.  Feel free to practice to your own favorite music.

Incorporate the pole dancing tips above and work to improve the look of your dance through proper form and technique.   Also smile and enjoy what you have learned so far!  You deserve a pat on the back!

In the Next Post, I will begin the Intermediate Version of the Play and Win pole dancing routine, prepare for inverting moves and enjoying the upside down joy of pole dancing!!! Yahy!

See you in the next lesson : )


  1. ella

    With the affordable no name brand, the minimum height is 2235mm but my ceiling is about 2190mm, could I squeeze it in?

  2. Farley Griner

    Thanks for the tips. I’m glad to read your article. It will help my beginner customers.

    • Danna

      You are very welcome : )


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