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Lesson 4 | Learn The Play & Win Pole Dancing Routine For Beginners Step By Step

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So we are on week 4 in this step by step pole dancing routine for beginners (or more intermediate and advanced routines if you substitute more advanced pole moves for the the beginners moves in the choreography).

In this lesson, we will learn the bridge, some goddess floor work, and a straddle spin.  Now the straddle spin can feel difficult for most beginners learning from home (or in a studio) so don’t be discouraged.  It’s “technically” considered a very basic beginner move in the pole dance world, but I like to call it a more upper end beginner move because as you probably already know, my teachings cater to the average everyday woman and what is considered beginner to an average everyday mom is VERY different than the “beginner move” for a pole dancer with great fitness levels preparing for a pole dance competition.

Straddle spins can feel difficult because most everyday woman lack the upper body strength and abdominal strength to hold the legs in a straddle position for an extended period of time which is required to do a full rotation on the dance pole.   If you are one of the many, and very normal, woman who struggle with upper body strength, then doing exercises for pole dancing to strengthen the upper body are very helpful.

Also, adding a separate abdominal workout routine to strengthen the core will greatly assist you as well.  Now, if you are like me and hate doing boring “sets” of crunches day after day, then you might like my abdominal routine that is choreographed to music – like a dance.   By exercising your abs in this dance routine, you get stronger – really fast but in an enjoyable way.  Have you every been in a situation where you were doing something that felt like 5 minutes but an hour really passed?  Well that’s what a “per-choreographed dance” ab routine feels like in comparison to a boring ab crunch routine done in your standard gym setting.

The act of dancing makes things feel enjoyable, and that’s really what this step by step pole dancing routine is all about!

So, for this week, the first thing I want you to think about is having fun with the first three lessons in this routine.  Play with them and enjoy stringing them together.  Add your own style and fare to it!  If you don’t look exactly like me in the video, don’t sweat it!  This is about you and enjoying your body and your own unique fitness levels and capability at the time.  Improvements will come with time : )

As stated in the first three lessons, a proper warm up and stretching are critical before you begin this lesson. 

If you don’t have any pole dancing warm up exercises or stretches to do before you begin learning this pole dance routine, then you can get those in the PoleBody® Complete Home Edition Pole Dancing Lessons (along with a lot of other per-choreographed pole dancing routines like this one – for all fitness levels).

If you already own the PoleBody® Complete Home Edition Pole Lesson Online Course, please login first and use the following links below to get warmed up before practicing the pole dance routine below:

Warm Up with the Warm Up Routine #1 - which is a complete pole dance routine warm up originally choreographed to "One More Night" by Maroon 5.  It's super fun and dancy!!  Yes, it's the same routine used in lesson 1 and 2, however, I find it best that students keep doing the same warm up routine when learning a brand new pole dancing routine because your mind is challenged with new choreography.  You don't need to get yourself overwhelmed by learning new choreography  in both your pole dance routine workout AND your warm up routine at the same time!
Then do a complete whole body stretch here =>

You can also find a step by step lesson for the Straddle Spin here =>

Here we go!  Grab your pole dance fitness clothes and start Lesson 4 In this pole dancing routine for beginners:

YouTube video

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See you at the next lesson : )


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