(Last Updated On: August 16, 2020)

Pole dancing for fitness is a great addition to any gym routine or another current fitness regimen. The downslope is that short of just learning individual pole dance moves until you are good at them, there aren’t many “workouts” you could do at home to tone the body in under an hour.

At home workouts for women (and men) are important for overall strengthening and to keep the muscular structure in the body balanced.

Muscle imbalances can easily be created by practicing one pole dance move too much on one side of the body (come on… we are all guilty of this one!). It’s human nature to automatically want to do things with the stronger side of our body. Pole dancing for fitness is already challenging so the tendency to really be reliant on the stronger side of your body is even greater and more critical to watch out for.

One common imbalance that happens during a pole dancing routine workout at home is the overuse of the upper body versus the lower body, especially in the beginning when you are just learning those first basic pole dance moves and spin. The bulk of the workload goes into the arms, shoulders, and back to hold your body on the pole…. And the legs ….. well….. they get forgotten about unless you have a teacher who helps you work the lower body equally as well as the upper body.

I created this short leg strengthening exercise to help you keep your muscular structure balanced while you are pole dancing at home for exercise. Remember to use the video at your own fitness level.

Never compromise good form and posture during your pole dance leg workout.

When you aren’t doing your exercises in good form, you are accidentally using other muscles in the body to compensate which ARE NOT the muscles you want to strengthen so DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME trying to force your body to kick higher or do movements any longer than you feel necessary. Go “to the point of pain” NOT beyond or through the point of pain. Feel the heat and burn; DON’T go into “pain”.

That whole “no pain no gain” phrase is stupid…. Sorry, it just is.

You don’t have to kill yourself to get good results; you just need good form and some tender love and care for your body. It’s your best friend, not your enemy, don’t treat it poorly. Hating your body won’t help you just like hating your husband (or wife) won’t make your marriage any better. Again, don’t hate your body and don’t push it into pain….. Love it instead and enjoy the journey of your progress 😉

Now that my safety tangent is over, here is the pole dancing leg exercise video you can do with your home pole dancing pole to get the toned, long, and lean leg muscles to match that gorgeous upper body:

I hope you enjoyed it, please leave a comment below if you would like to see more!!


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