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How To Use Fun Pole Dancing Workout Routines For Women At Home

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Adding fun, joy, spice, and excitement to any home workout is a must, especially for woman and a fun pole dancing workout routine you can do at home is a perfect solution. Life is so full of ways to exercise; you don’t need to be trapped into anything boring. Getting fit, lean, and in the best shape of your life is only as fun as you make it.

You must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and try something new or you will undoubtedly get bored.

Boredom is a death sentence to your motivation.

I find that the best workouts for women are ones that help you feel better emotionally, on the inside, as well as make you look better on the outside.

One thing for sure, if I am bored with my home workout routine, I am not a happy camper on the inside.

Even a pole dancing workout for women can get boring if you are doing the same workout routine over and over again. Women need variety to keep things spicy and exciting! Just like sex in the bedroom, if you don’t find ways to keep it alive, things can go stale …. Fast!

Revving up your sexy inner vixen can be one of the most rewarding benefits you get from pole dancing workout routines for women.

Historically, many times I have gone to the gym and found a great workout. In the end of my average gym workout, I just felt exhausted which is a good thing because I know I got a good workout.   However, I PREFER to feel exhausted AND empowered on the inside. A little hop in my step and a feeling of an inner sexy “strut” as I walk away and finish my daily workout is a better feeling by far.

Staving off boredom in any routine is critical to keeping your motivation as well. The best way to prevent pole dancing workout boredom is to always be learning new pole dancing workout routines for women (or men if you are a man).

There are so many ways to dance and so many styles of dance that can be mixed into a pole dancing workout like hip-hop, ballet, jazz, dubstep, sexy-step (ok, I made that one up but it sounds good!), and much more. The dance itself is just fun and entertaining.

It is best to know the basic beginner pole dancing moves and spins before you go collecting several different pole dance routines to your home inventory of workouts.   If you have never pole danced before, getting a course that will break down the beginner moves and spins and then show you how to dance those moves in a pole dancing workout routine is best.  You will also want to set up a safe place to start your pole dancing workout.

Never pole danced a day in your life and wondering how to get started pole dancing for fitness at home?

Don’t worry – you can do it!  Here is a great article that will show you how to start pole dancing for fitness at home step by step.

If you already have some experience under your belt, then you can start collecting different routines to try at home. When you find a dance style you like, then you can focus on learning more of that style.  Here is a fun beginner pole dance routine you can try at home:

I find that routines are much more fun than just learning pole spins. Just learning a single pole spin to no music can get boring like doing lunges at the gym. Learning the basic spins is essential, but in truth, it’s DANCING the moves and stringing them together in a routine that is the MOST FUN and rewarding part.

Home pole dancing workout routines for women can be found here >>

Give it a try; life is too short to have a boring workout 😉


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