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Online Pole Dancing Lessons To Learn How To Pole Dance At Home

Learn How To Pole Dance From Home!  These Pole Lessons Are A Great Pole Dancing Workout, Guaranteed To Leave You Feeling Sexy, Fit, and Toned - Quick!

These Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Online Video Lessons can be instantly accessed and played on ANY mobile device, TV, Ipad, phone, or any place there is an Internet Connection!

These Online Pole Dancing Lessons are perfect for everyday men and women to learn how to pole dance at home for fitness.

You will learn how to do basic to advanced pole dancing moves by learning pole dancing routines to music!

It's so much fun, it won't feel like a workout at all!

Complete with lessons for full-figured, ultra basic beginners all the way up to advanced levels like inverting spins and the inside leg hang.

Suitable for the Everyday Moms.  Excellent for beginners who want to start pole dancing workout at home.

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Danna’s Lessons Are Great!

I purchased a membership to Danna’a web lessons last fall, and have really benefited from them! Although I own a pole with both static and spinning capability, I belong to a studio that only has static poles, so I’ve had to rely on online material to learn how to use the spinning mode. Danna’s tutorials have been super helpful, and I find that I actually prefer the spinning mode. I’m getting ready to compete in the Southeast Pole competition in Florida as a Level 1 amateur, and I’m going to use both the spinning as well as the static pole, largely thanks to Danna’s videos. I’m 56 years old and competing in the oldest age group, so I figure if I just show up without a heart monitor I’ll get some applause. ?


Emily Wells-Perritt

Purchase a pole dancing pole kit (any brand) including an X Pole for your home and get the "Beginners Online Pole Dancing Lessons" included.

All of the pole dancing poles (including portable and permanent) come in a kit with FREE beginner lessons.

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Already Have A Pole?

You can purchase the same "Pole Lessons For Beginners" that we normally include with a dance pole kit separately.

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You can learn how to get your splits regardless of your age!!

It's never too late get more flexible.  Flexibility will greatly enhance your ability to execute more advanced pole dancing moves.

These online lessons are great for ultra beginners and those seeking an over-split too!

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Get a strong DANCERS core!

Regular crunches and ab routines can be BORING!!!!

The online ab workout lessons put an abdominal strengthening routine into a DANCE so you don't feel like you are counting repetitions anymore!

DANCE your way through this abdominal routine and take it to the gym too!

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Or start small by purchasing our Vbook (Vbook is an Ebook that contains videos) "Professional Tips for Beginner Pole Dancers" and get access to 3 pole dance routines that are EXCLUSIVE to the VBook and found no where else on my site.

You can never get enough pole dance routines in your life!  This is a very reasonable option and a fun way to start pole dancing today!

Get everything from proper form, eating and dieting tips to burn fat, pole dance routines, exercises and much more!

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13 responses to “Online Pole Dancing Lessons Shop”

  1. Right now, the best way to access your video lessons is under the “online pole lessons” tab on the homepage and then just go to the membership area. You may also click the “log in” tab which is under the same “online pole lessons” tab on the homepage. Once you log in, the system will automatically send you to your video library menu for your individual purchase.

    I am willing to make it easier to login and find if needed, any suggestions?


  2. I love the free lessons I got with my pole and I love how solid it is I’m 5’5″ 160 lbs and it does not budge! Loving it on static mode!

  3. so far so good no questions yet just moving slowly between my two kids and i am building strength up. the the pole purchase was fantastic. the installation was easier then i thought and the product all and all went beyond my expectations! thank you

  4. I love your videos, but as a beginning I am finding that I guess I am hesitant to trust myself enough to let so to really get a good spin or anything. That and I have zero upper arm strength and can’t seem to do much. Any tips on how to learn to relax and trust myself to do the move without tensing up and being awkward? Loving the videos so much though they’re so helpful

    • Hi Melissa, thank you very musch, I am glad they are helping you 🙂

      This is a wonderful question and you will be relieved to know that your feelings are very normal and common for beginners 🙂 Trusting yourself is one of the very first things you face when you start to learn. Not only are you challenged emotionally to trust yourself (which is awesome!) but you are also trusting that you won’t lose your grip and fall.

      Trust builds with time and you need to really give yourself 6-8 weeks of consistent work in the beginner pole dancing moves before you actually feel the trust factor shift. Your hands need time to get stronger and you need time to find the right type of grip aid that works for you through experimentation.

      The best way to go about this is to be sure you are doing the upper body strengthening exercises like pole “pull-ups”. Always use two hands on the pole at all times in every spin. Just because I (or a different teacher) use one hand doesn’t mean you can’t be using two hands for a better grip. When your hands or arms are tired (which can happen in 5 short minutes just so you know) move on to learning floor work and focus on your flexibility training. Those two things are equally important to learn and will play a huge role later on down the road. Many beginners are desperate to learn spins and make the mistake of forgetting the importance of floor work moves and stretching.

      Zero upper body strength is SUPER common, most women can’t even hold their own body weight on the pole. The emotional reaction is to feel like you are never going to get anywhere because your aren’t nearly strong enough. Don’t let those fears take you for a ride and prevent you from continuing to try. Trying is what makes your stronger. Perfection comes in time…..

      The tensing and relaxation will come with practice and will come automatically when you learn to trust yourself. Remember to breathe and don’t be afraid to stand next to the pole, close your eyes, feel the relaxation in your body as you stand there and then visualize yourself doing the move with ease. Your body doesn’t know the difference between actually executing the moves and only doing them in your head. There is a tremendous body of science the supports the use of visualization in athletes to excel, overcome obstacles, and move past fear.

      This is an inside job as well as an outside job. Pole dancing is a journey and you are at the very beginning. Kindness to yourself as you begin will be your best ally. Never compare yourself to anyone, try to relax and enjoy your own physical and emotional evolution over the next several years to come.

      It is human nature to be impatient as well, don’t let that get in the way of taking your time learning the basic pole dancing moves.

      Hope that helps <3

  5. I have been easing into getting my body ready for pole. So far I am getting used to holding my wait for a short period of time and the stretching helps. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase which was the xpert xpole with the purchased videos as well. The videos really help get the body ready to avoid strains and soreness. I love your videos and my experience in general learning to pole dance. Also I love how the videos cover positioning and posture to make the dance look more sexy. Keep up the good work. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I feel like with time I with get really good at pole dancing. I’ve only been doing it for about a week and a half and I’m in love with it. Thanks to you this was all possible for me. Great work Danna

    • Thank you so much Linda <3 I am so happy your are having a great time and learning a lot! Posture and form are a critical component and something that get overlooked a lot. I want you to be happy and feel your best during your pole journey and am thrilled to have you aboard!

  6. After purchasing this and going onto the website I broke my phone and had it replaced going back to the email for the website and put the password in it wouldn’t let me. Not sure why I’m having a problem but please help because I liked those videos.

    Thank you

    • Hi Kelsie, don’t worry, it’s an easy fix 🙂 Usually when you change devices, like a computer or phone, it also changes the IP address. Our system logs IP address for security reasons. To protect you from other access your info and to protect your account from other unauthorized login attempts. The system probably doesn’t recognize your new phone. I have cleared your IP addresses in your profile. Remember to reset your password if you still experience any difficulties. Let me know if this resolves it please 🙂

  7. Hello Danna! I’m a beginner at pole dancing and I’m finding that my bicep muscles after dancing start become achy is that normal or am I doing something wrong? By the way I purchased the Chrome Pro Quality Dancing Pole and absolutely love it!

    • Hi Andrea, yes it’s very normal : ) You are using your biceps EVERY time you pole dance and they will get quite a workout. Just be sure to give you muscles a break and time to recover so they don’t get to sore. Soreness for a day or two is good – soreness for 4 or 5 days means you really over worked them and should back off a bit : )

      Im glad you love your Pro Quality Pole! I still love mine till this day as well, it was a great starter pole.

      Hope that helps : )