Learn How To Pole Dance From Home!

These Online Pole Dancing Lessons Are A Great Workout, Guaranteed To Leave You Feeling Sexy, Fit, and Toned – Quick!

pole dancing lessons online course video tutorials

These Online Pole Dancing Lessons are perfect for everyday men and women to learn how to pole dance at home for fitness.

free online pole dancing fitness lessons course in dance pole kit for home

Purchase a pole dancing pole kit (any brand) for your home and get the “Beginners Online Pole Dancing Lessons” included.


30 day beginner challenge step by step plan pole dancing lessons online

If you already know how to do some beginner pole dance moves, tricks, and spins but your aren’t sure how to put them together in a routine, the 30 Day Beginner Challenge will walk you through each day!

online pole dancing lessons ebook for beginners

(Vbook is an Ebook that contains videos) “Professional Tips for Beginner Pole Dancers” and get access to 3 pole dance routines that are EXCLUSIVE to the VBook and found no where else.

Beginner lessons for pole dancing for fitness

Already Have A Pole?

You can purchase the same “Pole Lessons For Beginners” that we normally include with a dance pole kit separately.


advanced how to get splits for pole dancers routine online

You can learn how to get your splits regardless of your age!!

It’s never too late get more flexible. Flexibility will greatly enhance your ability to execute more advanced pole dancing moves.

These online lessons are great for ultra beginners and those seeking an over-split too!

pole dancing fitness abs routine for flat abdominals online

Get a strong DANCERS core!

Regular crunches and ab routines can be BORING!!!!

The online ab workout lessons put an abdominal strengthening routine into a DANCE so you don’t feel like you are counting repetitions anymore!

DANCE your way through this abdominal routine and take it to the gym too!

These Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Online Video Lessons can be instantly accessed and played on ANY mobile device, TV, Ipad, phone, or any place there is an Internet Connection!

Danna’s Lessons Are Great!

Emily Wells-Perritt
Wells Therapeutics, Inc.

I purchased a course to Danna’a web lessons last fall, and have really benefited from them! Although I own a pole with both static and spinning capability, I belong to a studio that only has static poles, so I’ve had to rely on online material to learn how to use the spinning mode. Danna’s tutorials have been super helpful, and I find that I actually prefer the spinning mode. I’m getting ready to compete in the Southeast Pole competition in Florida as a Level 1 amateur, and I’m going to use both the spinning as well as the static pole, largely thanks to Danna’s videos. I’m 56 years old and competing in the oldest age group, so I figure if I just show up without a heart monitor I’ll get some applause. ?

Advanced Competative Male & Female Online Pole Dancing Lessons
Are you ready for some advanced and more competitive pole dance training for men?

These online pole dancing lessons are taught by a male teacher and geared for pole dancing for men.

Men are typically stronger and can handle more advanced moves a lot faster than woman.

These lessons are sure to please any man who wants to pole dance for fitness or competition!

advanced online pole dancing lessons for competitors
Are you looking to become a fitness competitor and want to train with national competitors who have placed gold in their division?

Then look no further, train to compete with this complete training for fitness professionals and enthusiasts!

A complete online course to take you from A to Z with competitive professional guidance.

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