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The very first thing you will need to learn pole dancing at home or to do a pole dancing workout at home is a dance pole. However, there are other things to consider when you are setting up your workout space at home. When you go to the gym or do other fitness workouts for women at home, you may need various equipment like dumbbells or weights of some kind, an exercise ball, a good pair of athletic shoes, and workout clothes in order to do your routine. Getting ready and preparing your space for a pole dancing workout is no different, there is more than a just a dance pole to consider.

So what else do you need besides a good quality dance pole for a home workout?

Here is a short list to get ready for your pole workout:

  • A Dance Pole: You need a good quality professional grade dance pole. There are cheaper pole dancing poles on the market, however, they are not all safe for pole dancing fitness. A spinning pole dancing pole is best because you will get a different workout in the different modes. A pole that is both static AND spinning is not required but I feel it is best. My beginners learning to pole dance have specifically said that they prefer a spinning dance pole because it’s easier to learn on. A XPert X Pole is the most popular, but there are other poles that are pro quality for a cheaper price, you just need to know what to look for a good dance pole or it could be dangerous.   Other things like individual ceiling heights and angles as well as flooring types in your home will affect which pole you buy.  You can learn how to choose the right pole for your unique floor and ceiling height here =>
  • Dance Pole Grip Aid: Grip aids help you grip the pole better. Most beginners don’t have the strength in their hands to perform pole dancing moves so they will use a grip aid (or multiple) until their grip gets stronger. Your ability to grip depends on the cleanliness of your pole and the type of grip aid you will want to use depends on your skin type and the environment. Here is a great video that will help you choose a grip and learn to clean your dance pole >>
  • Adequate Space For a Dance Pole: The space you want to choose to set up your dance pole should be large enough for you to safely swing on the pole withoutspacing for a dance pole in your home hitting anything in your surroundings. A great way to test your space is by standing a broom or stick so it stands straight up and down on the floor. Extend BOTH your arms straight out to your sides while holding onto the broom and then walk in a circle around the broom. Your fingertips on your extended left hand should not touch anything. See graph to side:
  • Pole Dancing Clothes: As a beginner, you will not need to bare as much skin as more advanced dancers. Most fitness clothes will work for a pole dancing workout for women at home, however, they should be fitted not loose. Your top could be a tighter fitting racer back with a built in bra. Shorts for pole dancing do need to be tighter fitting and as short as you can stand to wear them. Most of the women in my classes don’t like to wear booty shorts, especially in the beginning so they will opt for shorts that are about mid-thigh in length. Shorts that have a fitted elastic band around the legs is best to keep your butt cheeks from falling out. You won’t need shoes, bare feet are the best.
  • Pole Dancing Lessons: You can learn to pole dance in a local pole dancing class OR you can also learn a pole dancing workout at home online. Be sure to get lessons that are “fitness” oriented for the everyday woman. Many of the pole dancing moves taught are not suitable or safe for the everyday woman because they are not training to be a competitor or a contortionist. Dance technique (ballet inspired) is a must because that level of training will reshape your body and reveal those long toned muscles you crave.
  • Other accessories that you may or may not need depending on your type of workout you choose are ankle weights to increase the intensity of your extensions, a medicine ball or dumbbells for a more intense ab workout, Yoga Blocks for flexibility training (especially if you want to work on your splits).  I also highly recommend a mirror so you can watch your dance technique.  You can get a huge one for cheap at Kirkland’s (that’s where I got mine).

Anything else you might want to add to your home pole dancing workout can be added after you have started learning and better understand your own fitness needs. We are all at different fitness levels with different body types so the equipment needed for a workout can vary from woman to woman.

Do you need crash mats? For a beginner … not really. If you have sensitive knees that may give you trouble then you may want a crash mat for extra floor padding. You could also wear knee pads as well.

Crash mats are expensive and most beginners don’t use the crash mats because they are not performing dangerous tricks or inverting. Learning the pole-dancing basics first is important. Crash mats are more for the intermediate and advanced levels. However, if you have the money in the beginning and you don’t mind spending the extra, it never hurts to have the extra padding for safety.

Lastly, adding fun stage lighting to your area to practice pole dancing routines with lights off is a great way to build confidence in your dancing as well.  Lights can be a lot of fun and can be easily mounted to the wall or ceiling for a great dance hall effect!

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