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Learn from My Experience

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My name is Danna. I’m 35-years-young, and before I became a certified pole dance teacher, I was an experienced dancer in ballet, lyrical, jazz and many other forms of dance.

Before I began teaching pole in 2010, I was overweight, insecure and tired!

I started pole dancing for myself as “me” time and as I lost weight and grew stronger, I began doing all the fancy tricks like the Superman and other advanced contortion moves.

That’s when tragedy struck.


before and after of pole dancing weight lossIn 2012, I herniated two discs in my lower spine (during a jazz/lyrical dance rehearsal - not pole dancing) and was told I would never dance again. I couldn’t even walk. But even though I was in shock, and cried uncontrollably for a time, I chose to rehabilitate my body and continue forward anyway. Because I couldn’t jump or run at the time, beginner/intermediate pole dancing was the only form of exercise that didn’t hurt my back. It didn’t hurt that it was also fun! And because I hated pushing myself to workout at the gym, I created dance routines with pole moves that are suitable for the average everyday women to try. By continually dancing the beginner and intermediate moves with proper ballet technique, I was able to lose the weight, get toned, re-rehabilitate the strength in my back and leg, and regain my lost confidence!

I discovered that Pole Dancing is the best way to improve my mood in the shortest amount of time!

Dancing connects a woman to her natural inner sexuality, renewing her inner confidence and helps her to feel genuinely sexy from the inside. I want to offer those benefits to every woman through my pole dancing lessons while simultaneously helping them get in the best toned shape of their lives!

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Ever wonder how dancers get those incredibly long, lean, sculpted bodies?

That’s exactly why I was inspired to create and tailor my fitness dance lessons to women without a dance background. And this isn’t about stripping. (Though no judgments here!) This is about beauty, strength and power.


Using my lessons, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn pole dancing online from the comfort of your own home.
  • Get in the best shape of your life!
  • Have some serious fun!
  • Feel genuinely sexy, young and vibrant from the inside out!
  • Build health, strength, and energy!
  • Renew your inner confidence!
  • Connect to your natural femininity, intuition and sensuality.
  • Be surprised to learn you wish you could work out all the time!
  • Pique men's (or women's) curiosity.
  • Open the door to infinite possibilities and take more chances in life!
  • Feel completely comfortable in your own skin
  • Actually SEE the results of you fun hard work - in the mirror!

These Lessons ARE:

  • Pole Dancing For The Purposes Of Fitness.
  • Lots Of Clean Fun While Bringing Out Your Inner Vixen!
  • An Attitude Booster! You Will Gain Massive Amounts Of Confidence That Will Transform Your Whole Life!
  • For The Average Everyday Woman Looking To Get Fit, Toned, And Learn Proper Basic To Advanced Techniques

These Lessons ARE NOT:

  • Stripper Style Lessons. While Some Lessons Do Teach You To Move More Sexy, You Will Not Learn To Strip.
  • Your Will Not Learn In Stripper Heels. Bare Feet Work Great!
  • Intimidating Or Disrespectful To A Family Environment.
  • For Very Fit Or Advanced Competitors. While You Can Use These Lessons To Learn Competition Basics & Improve Dance Technique, They Are Not For Advanced Competitors.


I just started taking a few classes and watched some instructional videos and I like yours the best by far, especially how you emphasize good form and dance background, dancing makes it much more fun 🙂 looking forward to more videos.


I just wanted to let you know how your pole fitness lessons have completely altered my life. I had gained quite a bit of weight after I tore a tendon in my foot. The pain and weight gain made me spiral into a depression and funk that I could not get away from. I came across one of your videos on YouTube because I have always been fascinated with pole dance. Since I have been doing the pole dance I no longer have severe pain in my foot, I am beginning to gain confidence and I have lost almost 10 lbs.! I wanted to thank you for all of your videos and lessons and let you know how pole dance has changed my life!

Rosalynn Voight

I first came across Danna's pole fitness dancing lessons on YouTube and was impressed at the clear, quality instruction. Danna obviously knows her stuff when it comes to physiology, correct muscle usage and so on. I've since signed up for some of the video lessons on her site and love the suggested routines and move tutorials there! Danna makes the lessons fun, engaging and easy to follow. I've noticed results quite quickly too. Highly recommended!

Esther P.

This is fantastic! I am a very beginner and I am feeling confident already after watching your lesson! Thanks, I will  definitely be watching more.

Angeliis Hoops

Being completely new to pole dancing I love that I can take these lessons at home in the comfort of my own space.  The videos are very clear and there are so many options for beginners. I probably would not have tried pole dancing at all if I would have had to go to a studio.  Danna is also very responsive. When I had questions I would send an email and hear back very quickly which I appreciated very much!

Kathryn Polster


  • Unlimited, Lifetime, Instant access to more than 130 online pole dancing video lessons (worth more than $3675 of private ballet and pole dancing classes)
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  • Step-by-step tutorials for learning pole and ballet moves and techniques like the Fireman, Pirouettes, Hooks, Spins, the Corkscrew, Hollywood, Planks, Butterfly, Crucifix and many more.
  • Warm up routines, stretches and strengthening exercise that will strengthen and tone your muscles even more
  • Learn Individual Pole Moves and Spins like the Fireman, Pirouettes, Hooks, Spins, the Corkscrew, Hollywood, Planks, Butterfly, Crucifix and many more.
  • Learn To Invert In Positions Like The Extended Butterfly, Outside & Inside Leg Hangs, Knee Holds, Hip Holds, and many more!
  • I’ll teach you how to buy the safest and most affordable pole for your budget
  • Direct access to me through private email to help you get the most out of these videos
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