how to get into pole dancing

Pole dancing for exercise is the new “favorite” dance workout for women.   It helps you get those sexy, toned muscles in ways other dance workouts don’t. In addition, it reshapes your attitude toward yourself and your body so that you actually learn to FEEL sexy about yourself while you are working out!

What’s even cooler is that you don’t need to go to local pole dancing classes to add pole dancing to your fitness regimen. You can learn pole dancing at home – safely – no matter what your pant size is.

Learning to pole dancing at home is a little more complicated than other fitness workouts like Zumba, Tabata Workouts, Step Aerobics, or other dance workouts because you need to have a SAFE pole dancing pole. There are many dance poles on the market – that look virtually identical – however, they are NOT built the same and can be downright dangerous to dance on (Like the Carmen Electra Pole for example). It’s important to know what you are looking for in a good pole.

Pole dancing for fitness is about health and wellness, both physically and emotionally. That last thing you want to do is buy the wrong pole dancing pole for your home. This mistake is dangerous for your health and life.

So how do you get started pole dancing at home? You need to find good pole dancing lessons for beginners and a good quality dance pole. There are wonderful pole dancing kits containing both the dance pole and beginner pole dancing fitness lessons that will help you get started at home.

Do you need a professional stripper pole to pole dance at home for a workout? Yes, and No. Buying a professional grade pole dancing pole is a must because they are made of solid steel parts. They are designed for holding heavy body weights and for stability during advanced pole tricks.

If you are staying at home mom who is looking to get back in shape, you won’t need to buy the BEST brand name pole dancing pole like an X Pole for your home dance workout. However, you will still need to pick a dance pole that is safe for exercise use.

Buying a dance fitness pole is an expensive investment and not everyone can afford the very best brand like an X Pert X Pole. The good news is that you can still get a safe pole dancing pole that is much more affordable.

Here is a great video that will show you what to watch out for when you are shopping for home pole dancing pole that isn’t one of the Top Brands:

Determining the size of your first pole dancing pole is the next thing you will need to know. Getting it installed and setup correctly is a must for a safe home pole dancing workout experience.

The most common pole size is a 45 mm chrome dance pole, however, there are 40mm, 50 mm, and 48mm poles available as well. Here is a great article that will help you pick a pole dancing pole size and diameter for your home >>

Getting a dance pole kit that includes good quality pole dancing lessons for beginners makes things easier.


Not all pole dancing lessons are created the same.

You want lessons that are FITNESS oriented if you want a good dance workout. Some pole dancing lessons are more exotic for strippers. When you learn to pole dance for fitness, you will still get the benefits of learning to feel sexy about your body, but you will also get the exercise you need to burn the fat and create those long, lean, and toned lines of a dancer.

Here is a great pole dancing pole kit that includes free pole dance workout videos for women who want to learn to pole dance for fitness at home.

beginners pole dancing guideOther things you might need to get started include grip aids for your hands, maybe a crash mat if you feel like getting into advanced tricks, and bare feet! Easy! Again, this is where a beginner pole dancing kit comes in handy to get you started.

You may also download this free pole dancing ebook that will explain everything in detail about how to get started in your new pole dance workout at home.

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