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Pro-Fit Dance Pole Review

by | Feb 24, 2015 | 5 comments

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If you are thinking about buying the Pro-Fit Pole to use in your home, then you will be interested in this Pro-Fit Dance Pole review.

Depending on what your individual needs are, you may or may not want to invest your money in the Pro-Fit.

We all have different needs when we are learning to pole dance from home.  Some of us are overweight, some girls are trying to go pro for competitions, some of us are just using pole dancing for fitness reasons, and others just want a fun exercise to help them learn to feel confident and sexy.  While the best quality dance poles will fit all of those needs above, the bottom line is that not everyone can afford the very best.  Even on a budget, you should still be able to buy the right equipment for your needs with a little research.

No brand pole dancing poles and other cheaper dance poles such as the Carmen Electra Pole and the Pro-Fit become possible options when running on a tight budget.

When I first opened my pole dancing studios, I couldn’t afford the best name brand dance poles, so I bought all no brand poles – I made a ton of mistakes and you can see that video review here.

Nevertheless, you don’t want to be like me and make a ton of mistakes because those mistakes can be VERY costly on your pocket book and hazardous to your health.

So, knowing that some ladies might be tempted to buy the Pro-Fit, I bought and tried it out in my house for a month to see if it was worth money and IF it was safe.

Here is the Pro-Fit Dance Pole Review Video stated what I discovered:

YouTube video

As you probably gathered from the above video, I am not and still am not a fan of plastic parts.

I personally couldn’t ever feel real safe on this pole.  While it was built a lot better than the Carmen Electra Pole (you can see that video review here), I still couldn’t get past the fear of it tipping over.  It was too flexible and the dome was not built very safe in my opinion.

PLUS, the Pro-Fit is too expensive for the value.  For the same price (or less) you can get my Affordable No Brand Pole and it is BY FAR a much safer and better quality pole.  I wouldn’t waste my money on the Pro-Fit when you can get something much better for the price.

The Pro-Fit fitness pole did have some features I loved like the base piece that changes the pole from static to spinning, I like it better than the standard way of changing modes which are 2 hex screws on the base.  However, my love for that feature wouldn’t convince me to buy or sell this pole in the future.


  1. Tiffany Hodges

    I can’t get the top of this pro fit pole off the ceiling, has anyone had that happen or know how to get it down?

    • Danna

      I don’t sell the Pro-Fit pole so I am not sure how to help you, but I approved your comment so maybe someone else might know 🙂

  2. Moe

    I bought the pole and the rubber pad on the top got warped when it moved a little. Is there a place I can buy just another one of those?

    • Danna

      Im sorry, you would have to get a hold of Pro Fit or wherever you bought it from. We don’t sell this brand of pole, Im sorry I couldn’t be more of a help.

    • Ivy

      I just used an e600 adhesive and it hasnt moved since


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