x pole xpert review versus other types of dance poles
(Last Updated On: September 24, 2018)

If you are shopping to buy a dance pole for your home or studio use, then you have probably ran across the X Pole XPert model dance pole.  The X Pole XPert is a more expensive model of dance pole and people frequently wonder if the features of the X Pole XPert are worth paying the extra money.  This price point is especially concerning because there are several cheaper poles on the market for sale and if you plan to buy several poles to start teaching pole dancing classes then a pricey pole can really add up as compared to just buying one pole for home use.

The X Pole XPert is a friction fit type dance pole that holds itself up through pressure between the floor and ceiling.  It’s fully removable and portable and a very popular choice for home and studio use for that reason.   If you want to increase the stability of the dance pole, you can get an addition XPert ceiling mount that replaces the dome.  The ceiling mount screws into the ceiling and makes the XPert a more semi-permanent installation.   The XPert ceiling mounts can also accommodate both flat and vaulted ceilings.

So is it worth paying the extra money for the X Pole XPert dance pole?

Many people ask about the differences between the Pro Quality No Brand Pole sold at www.PoleFitnessDancing.com and the X Pole XPert so they can compare features and decide if paying the extra is worth it.  However, reading about the differences in all the different dance poles can be vary time consuming because there are so many different kinds of dance poles to choose from and people use their pole for different reasons.   That’s why I created this dance pole video review to help you quickly narrow down the choices that might fit you best.

In this video Review, I give an overall review regarding the features of the X Pert X Pole and it’s differences when compared to other types of pole dancing poles.

The other types of dance poles compared in the this dance pole video review are also friction fit type dance poles in varying degrees.  Installations will vary.

Hopefully, this will help you decide which pole is best for you to safely pole dance on at home.

Every woman is pole dancing for different reasons.  Some are dancing for fitness, others are dancing just for fun, some want to learn to be more sexy and feminine, and others want to go pro and compete.

Depending on your unique and individual situation, you may or may not need the best pole on the market available for sale.

So without further Ado, here is the X Pole XPert Review:

If you are looking to buy an XPert X Pole then the above review should be a huge help to you.

As Promised, here are the links I referred to in the video:

The Pole Star Pole Review

The Carmen Electra Pole Review

Ebay and Amazon Dance Poles Review


Lastly, remember that you will probably need some grip aids if you are pole dancing for the first time.   Trying many different kinds of grip aids to use on your pole is best because you will find your perfect fit through experimentation on the dance pole you chose to buy.  Every dance pole has a different finish quality type so you will need a different type of grip aid for the different kinds of dance pole finish types.

I hope you enjoyed the X Pole XPert video review, please leave a comment below and remember to share!


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    10 replies to "X Pole XPert Review VERSUS other Types of Pole Dancing Poles"

    • blank lauren

      I have ceilings that are almost 11 ft high….are there extensions I can purchase for this pole?

    • blank marie

      Im in need of another connection piece for my pole. I think the ceiling is 9.5″ not sure what size ill need. I brought my pole from you for $189. Just wanted to know how much extra parts are?

      • blank Danna

        For that height you would need an extra 250mm to replace the 125mm that come in your kit. It is better to buy a 500mm and use that alone without the 125mm and 250mm that came in your kit. By doing this is leaves the pole installed with less joints and better stability. Plus it would be better through just in case you ever need to go a bit higher. The extra extensions price vary between $25 and $45 plus shipping depending on which one you order.

    • blank Hawley

      Hey my pôle should be here tomorrow. Was just wondering how wide the dome is

      • blank Danna

        Hi Hawley, the affordable no brand pole you bought is 15 1/2″ wide – so it the X-pole dome.

    • blank Michael O'Reilly

      So I see now, after ordering my pole, that you don’t recommend trying to extend it. Would it be at all safe to use both the 125mm and 250mm together to get a full extra foot? Or would you just recommend 250mm as the highest to go for safety? I’ve got multiple options for space to install it, but it would be ideal to have it as high as it can reasonably go without being an X pole. I’m building a platform to go under it to make up the extra height difference, but the lower I can keep that the better. 🙂 Thanks for your advice!

      • blank Danna

        Yes that is perfectly fine, many people do that and I have ZERO reported problems using both extensions together. I just always recommend that people use the largest possible extension, for example: rather than using two 125mm’s I would recommend using 1 250mm instead so there is one less joint 🙂 The ultimate goal is to create the best height for your home while creating the least amount of joints. It doesn’t matter what brand (or no brand) you buy, that recommendation is a standard across the board.

        Your dance pole can be extended up to 10ft with various extensions. Hope that helps!

    • blank Betina reinhardt

      Hello, I have a few questions and I just need some clarification. The extenders you sell are only for the xpole or can the extenders be used for the no name brand as well? Is this correct? My ceiling is 9′ 6″, also, what about the vaulted ceiling mount, is this for the no name brand pole or only for the xpole? Thank you very much I really look forward to pole dancing!

      • blank Danna

        Hi Betina, the extension for the no brand pole will not work for the X Pole, they are entirely different poles and not made the same. The X Pole has X Joints and the No Brand Pole screws together.

        You would need an extension to get the X Pole or The Affordable No Brand Pole to fit a 9’6″ ceiling. The Vaulted ceiling mount can work with the portable No Brand Pole. It was made and designed for X Poles only, however I have customers who have used the X Pole ceiling mount with their No Brand Pole and done just fine with it.

        Hope that helps!


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