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Whats The Difference Between The Chrome X Pole XPert and The PFD Chrome Pro Quality Pole?

by | Aug 2, 2017 | 1 comment

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2020)

When you start shopping for a dance pole for your home, you will consider many things like “How easy is it to install?”  “Will it damage my ceiling or floor?”, “Is it safe to install in my home?”, and “Is the dance pole a right fit for my ceiling height?”, “What size of dance pole is best for me?” – all common concerns when shopping your first pole dancing dance pole.

Understanding the differences in the various types dance poles available for home use is critical to answering the above questions. 

Some dance poles are permanent while others are removable and portable dance poles.  Some dance poles are made cheaply and are not safe to invert or swing on while other dance poles are good quality and very safe when installed correctly.

The most commonly asked question I get is “What’s the difference between the Chrome X Pole XPert Pole and the PFD Chrome Pro Quality Pole” sold in my shop?

The PFD Chrome Pro Quality Dance Pole and the Chrome Xpert Pro model X Pole are my #1 sellers as of the time this post was created.   The best way to learn the differences between these two dance poles is to watch the installation videos for each pole.

However, not everybody wants to sit through the installation video of every single brand of pole they are considering buying.  So to answer everyone’s question quicker and better, I have created a quick summary:


How The Dance Poles Are Alike:

  • Tested Safe For heavier body weights over 300lbs.
  • Are a type of friction fit pole and installs with pressure between the ceiling and floor.
  • Both Spinning and Static.
  • Removable and Portable Dance Poles.
  • Standard Kits is adjustable and fits ceiling heights from 7’4″ to 9′ high.
  • Good quality bearings for smooth spinning without freezing and extended longevity.
  • Good quality chrome electroplating that won’t peel off, crack, or chip.
  • Both come with a black carrying case for maximum portability.
  • Comes with Online Pole Dancing Lessons For Beginners.
  • Similar Warranty.   Both have a 6 month manufacturer warranty against defects but do not cover user abuse like dropping the pole which could damage the finish for example.   Both return policies are the same, items cannot be returned after the box is opened and all sales are considered final after the box is opened.   Both X Pole and our company stand firmly to be sure you love your pole and will fix any issues to ensure your pole works the way it should if anything should happen.

How The Dance Poles Differ:

  • Price, The PFD Pro Quality Dance Pole is $199.99 INCLUDING shipping and The Chrome X Pole XPert Pro is $349.99 PLUS shipping.
  • Different shape of dome but width size is the same with good quality rubber for superior grip.
  • Base of the Pro Quality Pole is bigger in circumference than the XPert pole.
  • The PFD Chrome Pro Quality Pole is 45mm size only, the Chrome XPert model comes in 40mm, 45mm, or 50mm sizes.
  • The PFD Chrome Pro Quality Pole parts screw together during installation.  The XPert X Pole parts are held together with X Joints and requires the use additional hex screws.  X Joints are supposed to increase the stability and strength of the dance pole for a longer life span and better durability.  The X Joints are stronger and can handle a more horizontal impact than the screw together type poles by far.  NO dance pole is designed to handle horizontal impact but spinning on a pole does strain the joints in the middle of the pole.  The PDF Chrome Pro Quality Dance pole does have a solid screw together joint (a stability feature most other screw together types pole DON’T have), but, when you compare these too types of joints, X Poles X Joints are the strongest available on the market that I know of.
  • The adjuster bar to adjust the height of the dance pole is at the top of the pole for the PFD Chrome Pro quality Pole, requiring a ladder for installation.  the XPert’s adjuster bar is at the bottom, so you don’t need a ladder.  This makes the XPert model easier to install : )  The threads of the adjuster bar on the Pro Quality Pole are solid steel, the XPert model appears to be Stainless Steel, but Im not entirely sure what the metal type is.
  • The PFD Chrome Pro Quality pole has an adjuster cover to hide the threads of the adjuster bar that is removable.  The XPert (models 2014 to present) have a non-removable adjuster cover to hide the threads of the adjuster bar, making installation a bit easier and quicker.
  • Both have a functionality on the base to change the pole from spinning to static mode, however, the X-Pole XPert Pro model has an X Lock so you can change the pole from static to spinning with a twist of the lock, it’s SUPER easy.   With the PFD Pro Quality, you will have to loosen or tighten two hex screws on the base to change the pole from spinning to static.
  • Both have good quality chrome electroplating that won’t peel off, crack, or chip, however the XPert model is better quality.  The chrome of BOTH poles can get surface scratches if abused, however minor surface scratches rarely affect the feel of the chrome when dancing on it.   The XPert model poles’ electroplating will hold up longer and resist scratching better than the Pro Quality Pole.
  • The PFD Chrome Pro Quality dance pole comes with a portable carrying bag and the XPert Pro pole does not, you would have to buy the bag for the X Pole Pro Pole separately at an additional cost.  Comparing the bags, the PFD pro chrome pole bag doesn’t have equal quality of stitching like the X-Pole brand dance pole bags do but both are still very good.  However, FYI – even though the X-Pole brand dance bag is made with a little better quality, it won’t stand up to the abuse in an airport – I tried – Twice! I had it bungy corded together with extra padding inside the case.  The carrying bag got destroyed and the chrome was very scratched at the end of the trip because they bag’s threads gave out and the pole slipped out during the luggage transport.  The airport people don’t care, they just throw your things around.
  • The Pro Quality Pole has a max height of 10′ 2″ (which can be achieved with a single 500mm extension).  The X Pole XPert model can reach heights as high as 11ft 1″ with extra extensions, ceiling mounts, and x joints SIDE NOTE**  If you want a pole taller than 11’1″ we recommend that you switch to an XPert Build-A Pole for taller ceiling heights in that range.

I hope this brief summary helps your buying decision.

If you have more questions (which Im sure you do), just read the how to choose a dance pole page found here =>


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