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Friction Fit Removable Dance Poles | Safe for Home Use?

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Removable dance poles also known as friction fit dance poles are among the most popular type of home dance poles due to their easy and clean installation.

For those who are looking into buying a dance pole for home pole fitness, It is vital that you do some research first. Because there are a number of dance poles available in the market. It is important to know what kind of dance pole would suit your needs. Also to consider the space so you get your purchase right and your money’s worth. It’s also a safety issue, buying a very cheap dance pole can be a dangerous health hazard.

One popular kind of dance pole available in the pole dance market is the friction fit dance pole. Also known as a pressure mount dance pole.

What Is a Friction Fit Removable Pole Dancing Pole?  Friction fit dance poles are a kind of removable dance pole with a mechanism quite similar to that of your shower curtain poles.

The way the friction fit dance pole is made allows for the ease of removal and re-installation of your dance pole inside your home or studio without damaging the floor or ceiling. It uses tension and friction on both the ceiling and floor to stay in place and usually has a friction pad attached at the top and bottom of your dance pole to help it stay in place and distribute your weight on both sides of the pole. The stability and quality of the friction pad on the top and bottom of the dance pole is especially important when you’re doing advanced lifts and tricks.

Friction Fit Dance Poles and Installation

Since the friction fit dance pole doesn’t require bolting, it makes removing the pole easiest, it is said to be the least secure dance pole in the market, however there are different kinds of friction fit poles; some of the types of dance poles are proven safe for home use and inverting while others have proven dangerous.   If you buy the wrong quality of friction fit dance pole, the risk of injury is a lot higher. The looming question of whether the dance pole would fall on you while dancing is plainly disconcerting.

So how do you tell which friction fit removable dance poles are safe while learning pole dancing for fitness at home, especially if you plan to invert or have a heavier body weight?

Are all Dance Poles Safe to Use? Sometimes our instinct is to get a pole that screws into the ceiling thinking it’s safer than a completely removable pole and that’s not necessarily true. There are semi-permanent poles (that screw into the ceiling and not the floor) that are not safe for inverting or heavy use at all. A good example of these types of cheap semi-permanent poles are the Spencer’s Stripper Pole and the Carmen Electra Professional Pole.

In this video, which is a review on the popular Carmen Electra Professional Dance Pole, I discuss the numerous disadvantages of buying a very cheap friction fit dance pole:

YouTube video

Why Buy A Good Quality Dance Pole?

On the flip side, there are more safer options when buying a friction fit pole and thank goodness there is because some of us are renting a home or apartment and we can’t drill holes in the floor or ceiling.

The other advantage of a good quality friction fit removable dance pole is privacy.  They can be easily removed and tucked away for landlords or family members for example.

Here is what to look for a in a good quality friction fit pole for home use:

YouTube video

You can also turn a good quality removable dance pole into a semi-permanently installed pole with a ceiling mount, making it even more secure. Dance Pole Ceiling mounts are recommended for people of heavier body weights or anybody who simply wants the extra peace of mind when it comes to safety.

Our best selling removable dance poles that are the safer variety of friction fit dance poles are the Chrome Pro Quality Pole and the XPert X Poles.

Its very common for people to have some confusion about buying the best pole for them so here is a great article that shows you how to choose the right pole for you =>

Here’s a review on the Chrome Pro Quality Dance Pole to help you better understand how good it is =>

Here is a review for the XPert X Pole as well =>


Finally, I just want to stress that you should take your time and do your homework.

Pole dancing for fitness is a game changer and a true life changing event!

Your first dance pole is an investment in your health and the first stepping stone into a life long journey of pole dancing for health and confidence!  YES, it’s a life long journey because once you start, you probably won’t stop – it’s so much fun!

Even if you have to start with a more simple, cheaper starter pole, that’s ok : ) As you get stronger and your fitness needs change, you can always upgrade to a better pole with a different finish if you want to.  I have 4 different pole types I love to use depending on the time of year and my mood.  They are expensive, but as will any hobby or passion in life, it’s a worthy investment you will never regret.

The only regrets you will have are the chances you never took.

Did you find this article helpful? If you do, please don’t hesitate to like, share and comment on this post! Happy pole dancing!


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    I’d prefer the permanent one

    • Danna

      Most people do prefer permanent, but most people also can’t afford it or live in temporary living conditions like an apartment so the friction fit poles are a lot more popular by far.


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