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PFD Chrome Pro Quality Portable Removable Dance Pole Kit Review

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(Last Updated On: December 6, 2022)

With today’s social milieu more and more people are becoming health conscious. A testament to this are the numerous gyms and studios that have mushroomed all over the country. Moreover, different exercise regimes as well as diets have popped up and are now widely available in the health and fitness market. Pole fitness is no different.

Gaining popularity in the 90s when Canadian exotic dancer, Fawnia Dietrich opened up the first pole dance studio for non-performers the exercise and sport have since taken off. It’s not hard to understand why since pole fitness exercise at home and in a studio is fun and flirty in a good way.

“I’ve always been in love with watching the grace and strength of pole dancers since I was a teenager and finally decided to try it for myself.”
– Emily

Women, even men increased their self-awareness and became more comfortable in their own skin.

“It’s liberating and awesome. I never thought I’d love me so much at 32 years and a mom of 3!”
– Marion J. Blow

For those who are new to pole fitness though, purchasing your first pole kit can be daunting.

There are a lot of questions that run through your mind especially when you are faced with the choice of buying a no brand dance pole. Questions about safety, durability, and portability come into play. After all, as a beginner, you want something that is safe while you’re practicing your moves, sturdy until you outgrow its use, and portable so it can move with you when you change addresses.

“Perfect for entry level polesters. Sturdy and high quality. I ordered this for the basement but it was so attractive and fun I moved it to the formal living room no one ever used – now it is known as the pole studio and used often. At 53, I would never have had the courage to try pole if were not for her acceptance and encouragement. Heart you Dana! Now having so much fun and working my way to a rocking body!”
– Mel

“I am absolutely amazed at the quality of this pole!! Everything about it is perfect!! I’ve recommended it to so many people since I got it 01/18/17. SOOOOO many people ask me how sturdy it is and if it’s safe and where I got it. So far I haven’t had one accident with it slipping from the floor or ceiling nor has anyone gotten hurt on it. This is definitely one of my best investments I’ve made!! ♡♡♡♡”
– Alexis

There are also other things to consider when purchasing your first dance pole kit like the Chrome Pro Quality Portable Removable Dance Pole Kit.

But BEWARE** Not all dance poles that look like the Chrome Pro Quality are actually built identical (even though they look like they are in the pictures).   Here is a short video that explains what to watch for in a good quality dance pole for your home:

YouTube video

Once you have answered questions regarding safety, durability, and portability it’s time to look at the other features that a dance pole has so you get a bang for your buck! You certainly don’t want to end up with different kinds of poles at home just to cater to your demands. You want one that answers everything you need.

The PFD Chrome Pro Quality Portable Removable Dance Pole Kit has the following features:

  • Extra thick, soft rubber on dome and base.
  • Thick metal construction that will not bend during inverting or exercise. Screw Together Type construction.
  • Bearings that WON’T freeze up after a few months of use.  Upgraded bearing for smoother spinning action and longer durability.   All bearings can potentially go bad over time depending on how much they are used.  This bearing is fully removable so if it ever needs replaced it’s easy – no need to buy a whole new pole like most other types of dance poles.
  • 45mm (1.75in) CHROME that doesn’t chip or peels off.
  • All metal construction, no plastic parts.
  • Extra wide dome with soft flexible and wide rubber.
  • SPINNING & STATIONARY – easy lock on base for both spinning and static modes.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – the new 45mm contains all the parts needed for a dance pole ceiling height from 7’4″ (88″ or 2235mm) to 9′ (108″ or 2745mm).
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 440lbs
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to maintain and clean, fully removable and portable.
  • Carry Bag for easy portability

These exceptional features for the Chrome Pro Quality Portable Removable Dance Pole Kit are the reason why it’s a best-seller for beginners, amateurs, and professionals of all age and sizes.

“I researched around for something I can use my full weight on [220 lbs] I couldn’t be more happy with this product.”
– Jennifer

“The quality it’s great and sturdy. I and everyone that uses my pole have a lot of fun (and exercise)! It was also easy to set up with the instruction video.”
– Ego

“WOW, this pole is the!!! I was a little skeptical at first about purchasing the no brand pole because I only heard people talk about the XPole products. However, I decided to give the no brand pole a try and my gosh, this pole exceeds my expectations! It was very easy to install and it’s very sturdy. I feel very confident when practicing the moves. If you can’t afford an XPole the no brand pole will NOT disappoint you with its quality!”
– Brandy

“This is a very good pole. It does amazing on spin. Static is fantastic as well. Would definitely recommend it to others.”
– Stephanie


  1. Sturdy, Removable, and Portable (includes a carrying bag)
  2. Easy to set up
  3. Changes from static to spinning mode
  4. Has higher weight limit compared to other dance poles
  5. Affordable
  6. Upgraded base bearing for smoother, longer spinning action.
  7. Easy to maintain and clean

You get pole dancing lessons for beginners included when you buy the starter kit.


1. Base of dance pole is bigger compared to other dance poles

2. Screw together type dance poles do take a little more time and effort to install and uninstall compared to the Lupit Classic Dance Pole or the XPert Model X Poles which slide together.

The PFD Chrome Pro Quality Portable Removable Dance Pole Kit is really a versatile dance pole that delivers what branded dance poles can at the fraction of the price. If you are looking to go into pole fitness and buying yourself a starter dance pole kit, then the Chrome Pro Quality Portable Removable Dance Pole Kit is for you! To get one of this product, you can purchase here =>>

“If you are on the fence, hop off! Just do it! One life, make the rest of your years the best of your years. XO”
– Marion J. Blow


  1. Bonnie

    Hi there! I’ve always loved watching pole dancers but coming from a very conservative and catholic home this was definitely never spoken of! I respected my dad too much to even go there! My dad passed away in May of 2020 from an agressive cancer. Miss him terribly, but since he’s passed I feel some liberation and Pole dancing has kept rearing its head so I’d like to start with an in-hone pole kit. I’ve watched a video regarding pole purchasing and was wondering if you ship to Canada before I place an order? Thanks kindly

    • Jenea

      Yes we do. 🙂
      But, you will need to double-check the shipping tab for the pole that you want to purchase first to make sure that we can ship it to Canada at the time of your purchase. Also, different poles ship from different warehouses and locations. The shipping tab will also give you an idea of how much shipping to Canada will cost for each specific pole. Hope this helps!

  2. Kali Lian

    Hi Jenea! Thank you so much for your thoroughness and all the information you provide here!!! I’m so greatful!! Does this pole come with an extension? My ceiling is 10′ .5″ to 10′ 1″

  3. Sandra Elidor

    Is the pole a suction cup, or I will have to screw it to the ceiling?

    • Keira

      Hello Sandra Elidor, It is not necessary to screw this pole to the ceiling! 🙂 The pole is a friction fit pole, it has an adjuster bar that you can extend to fit onto your ceiling and floor. Here is an article from our website where you can learn more about how the friction fit poles work 🙂

      P/s: If you do want the option to screw the pole into the ceiling you can purchase a separate permanent ceiling mount however this is only optional if you prefer this type of installation.


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