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Top Tips on How to Improve Your Flexibility When Doing Pole Fitness Dancing at Home

As a pole fitness instructor and dancer, I always get asked by my students how to increase their flexibility. It may seem like a mundane question for some people especially those who have movement in their arms and hips, but this is a valid question and one you should be asking if you want to get stronger for pole dancing.

The biggest things that really holds a person’s flexibility back is that fact that most people are short on time and simply skimp on giving themselves time to do the right kind of stretches.

If you don’t take the time to stretch, you will NOT be able to get into or perform more advanced pole dance spins and tricks.

A beautiful and graceful pole workout routine entails a lot of plasticity and it is quite begrudging to look at some pole dancers transition from one movement to another or land those center and straddle splits flawlessly. However, I would just like to remind everyone that although some pole dancers look effortless when performing, they didn’t have it easy at all. Perfecting your pole dance lifts and tricks especially those splits involves quite a lot of time and dedication through practice.

With the help of flexibility exercises for pole dancers as well as a good pole dance training schedule, you can develop your flexibility and fly on your dance pole.

Here are some great tips to incorporate in your pole workout routine to make you lither.

Focus on an area of your body

Know which body part you need to focus on when practicing flexibility exercises for pole dancers. Is it your hamstrings, hip flexors or abdominals that are hampering your splits? Knowing which body part you need to work on makes your pole conditioning exercises more efficient and effective.

Warm up

I cannot emphasize more the importance of a good warm-up. Warming up primes your body’s muscles for the kind of work you are about to do. It drives more blood flow and oxygen to your muscles making it longer and supple for movement. Most importantly it helps prevent injury.


Unnecessary tension doesn’t help you when it comes to stretching. When you’re overthinking, your body’s muscles harden making you unyielding to some pole dance movements. Try deep breathing exercises to ease your anxiety and see your body respond to your stretches.  Also, don’t hold your stretch in the “pain point” for a long time, this actually causes the opposing muscles group to tighten.

Practice proper technique

Besides not warming up, one of the reasons why some people get injured is that they do not practice proper technique. Proper technique is also vital when warming up and stretching for pole fitness, so keep your hips square by making sure your inguinal area is pointing forward. This helps you gain more flexibility quickly as well as keep your whole body balanced on both sides as you attempt to do a split. Consequently, you can also use yoga blocks to help with your splits as it helps you to stretch and relax.

Be consistent

Progress when it comes to flexibility won’t be tangible if you don’t practice often. Even a short 10-minute stretch incorporated in your pole workout routine can help make a difference. If you are busy and were not able to practice pole dancing lately, you can still do flexibility exercises for pole dancers while watching T.V. or eating. Be creative!

Personally, I find that there are 5 specific pole fitness stretching exercises that greatly increase one’s flexibility when it comes to pole fitness dancing at home. It would be beneficial to add them to your existing pole workout routine exercises.


These are some of the best stretches to increase your flexibility:

1. Box Splits (You can get my customized Step by Step Split Stretches for Pole Dancing At Home Here =>)

Girl doing a box split stretch to improve pole fitness flexibility

2. Hip Stretch

3. Quad stretch

Girl doing a quad stretch lying down to improve pole fitness flexibility

4. Hamstring stretch

5. Twisted Back Stretch


twisted back stretch
You can find all the best stretches to bring your body to a point where you can easily perform advanced pole dancing spins and tricks inside the PoleBody® Complete Home Edition Online Pole Lessons Course.


I hope that with these tips you can finally be able to do your lifts, tricks, and splits!

For more warm-up and stretching exercises, you can watch some of my instructional videos on our Youtube page or get private access to a variety of my online pole dance lessons for everyday women at here =>>



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