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Lupit Classic Stainless Steel Dance Pole Review

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(Last Updated On: March 3, 2024)

When it comes to buying a dance pole for your home, a removable or even portable dance is the #1 sought after type of dance pole because it can adjust to various ceiling heights making it easy to move to a different room or even a different apartment or home if you relocate.

Another advantage of a removable or portable dance poles is that you can easily take it down when company arrives or added space is needed.    This also makes it easy to transport to a friends house for a bachelorette party or just plain fun exercise!

There many different types of removable and portable dance poles on the market today, some are safe and sturdy enough for pole fitness and inverting tricks while others are not safe and would be best used as a “show” pole to walk around but don’t swing on it.

Lupit is another type of friction fit dance pole that installs similar to the X Pole and Pro Quality dance pole.

Don’t let the picture on the front of the box packaging fool you into thinking the dance pole is safe for pole fitness or inverting pole tricks!

Sadly, many manufacturers and business’s show a beautiful picture of a woman swinging or inverting on a stripper pole on the front of the box packaging but if you read the finer print, it’s actually not safe for inverting or heavier body weights at all!

It’s best to be informed when purchasing your first pole for your home or apartment so you can learn how to buy a safe pole that fits your needs and budget best.  That’s why I love doing video reviews – Im a visual learner and I can get a better feel for the quality of a product if I can see it as opposed to reading mis-information printed on the box packaging.

In this article, I am reviewing the Lupit brand Classic Stainless Steel Dance Pole.

Lupit has been servicing other countries now for years and is just now bringing their brand to the US!

At the time of this video, the only pole available for purchase in the USA from Lupit is the 42mm Classic Stainless Steel Pole, but they do sell the 45mm Classic Stainless Steel Pole now as well.  The Chrome version of the Classic Lupit dance pole as well as other portable dance pole stages and a diamond series dance poles are coming to the US in the future.  Lupit also makes the best dance pole crash mats, you can read that review here =>

As opposed to writing a long article, I chose to save time and make a video so you could get the juicy details of my review – quicker.  Below the video, you will find a summary of the Pro’s and Con’s of this pole versus other removable dance poles you can buy on the market.

Here is my Lupit Classic Dance Pole Video Review:

YouTube video

You can purchase a Lupit Classic 45mm & 42mm Dance Pole Here ==>

Links referred to in the video I said I would leave below:

Pro Quality Dance Pole =>

Pro Fit Dance Pole Review =>

XPert Model X Pole =>

Video Review Summary:


  • The EASIEST removable dance pole to install and remove that I know of!! Easier and faster than X Pole XPert and the Pro Quality Pole.
  • Stainless Steel Finish is easier to grip on the Lupit. I found the X Pole Stainless Steel 45mm pole much harder to grip and so did my friends.  The Lupit finish is also easier to grip than the chrome finish which is unusual.
  • Stainless Steel inside and out – obviously stainless steel will stand up to rust in the long run far better than any chrome plated/finished pole.  Learn more about choosing a type of dance pole finish that fits you best here =>
  • 45mm & 42mm size is a unique feature to Lupit that I found easier to grip as opposed to the 45mm size.  You can find more info on determining what pole size is best for you here =>
  • Smaller dome, easier to transport.
  • Adapts to a Lupit Vaulted Ceiling with a mount that can be purchased separately.
  • SAFE for pole fitness and advanced inverting tricks when installed correctly!
  • Both a spinning and static pole with only one sturdy hex screw as opposed to two normally seen on most poles.
  • Longer Manufacturer Warranty


  • Separate Lupit Carrying Bag is not included – it’s $69 extra – but at least they have available: )
  • Joints or seems in the pole are easy to feel while dancing as opposed to the X Pole and Pro Quality Dance Pole. Although they don’t hurt or scratch at all, my dancing was not interrupted.
  • It won’t go higher than 10’5”.
  • Cost, it’s on the higher side of the price range, however considering the quality I feel it is well worth the price!


I hope you enjoyed the Lupit dance pole review.  You can go here to purchase the Lupit Classic 42mm Dance pole =>


For more home pole dancing pole video reviews go here ==>


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