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How to Get Started with Pole Dancing If You Wear Eyeglasses?

Pole dancing and eyewear can be tricky and troublesome. Especially, if you are not comfortable wearing contact lenses. But here are some solutions for you.

Pole dancing is one of the best ways to celebrate your physicality and femininity. As a full-body activity, it has immense benefits by challenging your full range of motion, strength, balance, confidence, and emotions. It can also be freeing: it helps you express yourself through movement surrounded by a supportive community.

Of course, pole dancing isn’t easy, and you may run into some challenges before you start. One obstacle that can make you doubt your ability to pole dance is wearing eyeglasses. Don’t worry pole is for everyone! While you may worry that they may obstruct your movements or that removing them may make it difficult to follow in class, there are many ways to make it easier. Here are some tips to get started with pole dancing if you wear eyeglasses.

Make Sure You Have the Right Eyewear

Having better eyesight is crucial your confidence in class, so you must have the proper eyewear for the range of motions you will do. A suitable pair of eyeglasses for pole dancing should have the best fit base on your facial features. Eyeglasses shapes can vary depending on the height of your nose bridge and the width of your face. You can get glasses that suit these features comfortably or ones with adjustable nose pads or spring hinges that can allow them to wrap around your face snugly. If you want extra security for your eyewear, you can even accessorize with eyewear retainers that wrap your head to support your glasses. These trendy accessories can be bought online in various designs, or you can make them yourself for an extra touch of individually. With the right gear, you can comfortably enjoy your pole classes with the full capacity of your vision. For safety purposes, though, you can also consider wearing contact lenses during the practice sessions. Be sure to get a prescription for them from the optometrist beforehand so you can wear them comfortably without worrying that they’ll fall off while you dance.

Start with Simple Routine

Because wearing eyeglasses in the studio can obstruct your motion, starting with simple routines is essential. This can help you figure out how to move your body in a way that won’t knock your glasses off or cause them to fall. The best beginner routines for pole dancers start with the fundamentals of proper form, muscle engagement, and posture. Learning these moves early will give you a strong foundation and help you better achieve controlled and consistent movement, as well as a better appreciation of flow and musicality. Start slow, and figure out what motions work with your glasses on. Ingraining these basics into your muscle memory can help you comfortably move on to more complex movements so you can progress smoothly.

Choose an Accommodating Instructor 

When you need vision correction, focusing on your sight can make it difficult to focus on your body or listen to what your instructor saying. That’s why it’s crucial to choose an accommodating instructor who will instead focus on you, ensuring you are always safe. They should listen empathetically to your concerns about vision when you bring them up and offer solutions to make you feel more comfortable. For instance, they can adjust their syllabus and methods to suit your goals and preferences better. Whatever you need, it’s important to find an instructor who matches your wavelength to help you find a pace that reduces concerns about your glasses.

Pole dancing is a treat for your mind and body. For all of its benefits, not even glasses should stop you from enjoying yourself. With these three steps, you can more comfortably adjust to your classes, even with eyewear.


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