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Breaking Emotional Barriers Through Pole Dancing At Home On A Portable Dance Pole

by | Nov 21, 2015 | 6 comments

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2022)

Pole dancing at home can be one of the best ways to start using pole dancing as a workout tool in your daily fitness routine. The reason it is a great place to start is that many women are afraid of pole dancing in front of other people, male or female. There is such a stigma on it that many women need a chance to get “over-the-hump” emotionally before they feel confident enough to dance in a local pole fitness class or give their many a private show in the bedroom.

Learning to feel sexy and confident is largely and inside job and pole dancing really challenges a women’s ability to truly feel good about herself on the INSIDE. This challenge which pole dancing for a workout presents is a VERY good thing. Women subconsciously have many insecurities about their bodies, how they look, if they are sexy enough and the list goes on and on. Our culture really puts a lot of pressure and UN-realistic guidelines on what is considered “beautiful and sexy”. These cultural guidelines are a breeding ground for feminine insecurity. Pole dancing breaks down those barriers and presents a very real opportunity for a woman to enjoy her own body and movements, regardless of her pant size. It is when you feel good about yourself on the inside FIRST that your pole dance actually looks and feels amazing. Pole dancing at home allows this to happen gradually at her own pace.

Pole dancing at home for a workout is the perfect “permission” we mentally need to go have fun with our feminine sexuality. And pole dancing at home for a workout isn’t just for females either; it is for men too – straight or gay.

The art of dancing …. well, just the arts and creativity, in general, is of the feminine spirit. Regardless of our gender or race, we ALL have a feminine side. Dancing is ANY form embraces those feminine and creative qualities and provides an expressive path to feeling life through different eyes.

If breaking down inner barriers and limitations to embracing more of your feminine side (or if you are a man and wish to help your wife work through her emotional issues to build confidence in herself), the first step is to get a pole dancing pole for your home.

SIDE NOTE *** Men => you will enjoy swinging on the pole too, even if it’s in secret. I don’t know one husband who hasn’t taken a thoroughly ENJOYABLE swing on their wife’s pole dancing pole at home.

Portable dance poles are the most common pole purchase for a good reason because most people aren’t sure where they want to keep their pole up in their house. It is common to change your mind about the location. Portable dance poles are a safe way to change locations as long as you get a SAFE and STURDY portable dance pole for your home.

In addition, if the ceiling height differs in each location, good quality portable dance poles have options for extensions which allow the pole to have a more variable height.

If you are not familiar with portable dance poles and want to make plans start a pole dancing workout at home, check out this article to learn how to buy a safe pole dancing pole for your home.

Pole dancing lessons online are a great way to start learning the basics and get of that emotional “hump” in the privacy of your own home.

If you aren’t sure which pole lessons are right for you, then click the link and read about the differences.

Above all else, enjoy yourself and enjoy life, that’s what it’s all about.

OH!! and leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you 🙂


  1. Laura Maria

    I have one in my bed room its ace ?

    • Danna

      Not sure which part you want to sign up for because there are several options, maybe this will help:

      Sign up for newsletter for free videos, tips and other pole fitness information:
      Sign up for free pole fitness video lessons:

      If you purchased a dance pole that includes the pole fitness lessons for beginners, the sign up to access those videos is in the download file inside your account.

      If you purchased an online pole lessons course, the sign in happens instantly after your purchase.

      Hope that helps : )


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