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Pole Dancing Workout Plans For Women

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Sometimes getting started pole dancing at home for a workout can be a bit of a headache because there are several pieces of pole dancing equipment you need to buy, you need to get your space at home set up for your workout, and then you need pole dancing lessons that are designed for “fitness” so you can get an actual workout. This is why pole dancing workout plans for women are important.

Getting a home pole dancing kit that has all those pieces is very helpful to start; however, not everyone chooses to go that route.

Pole dancing for a workout has a personality to it unlike other workouts for women. When you learn to pole dance at home, you can dance with different styles, use pole dance moves for beginners or challenge yourself to elite competitive levels, and you can choose a pole dancing pole that fits your skin type, environment, and budget.

Planning your pole dancing workout goals is an important step to get started correctly so you avoid wasting enormous amounts of time on potentially hazardous and frustrating mistakes trying to navigate the world with so many options.

Below is a step by step plan most average woman can use to get started pole dancing at home for a workout:

STEP #1 ==> Assess Your Fitness Level:

Are you a mommy who needs to get back in shape and can’t do one pull-up? You are not alone, most women can’t even do one pull up on the dance pole, don’t sweat it. You do need to understand your own fitness levels and start appropriately. If you have never pole danced and you are a bit heavy, consider starting with a good quality beginner pole dancing fitness lessons, don’t jump into professional competitive training from the latest pole dance champion. On the flip side, if you are an experienced pole dancer, well trained, then starting your home training with a pole dance champion as a mean to prepare to compete is your best bet. Only you will be able to pick the right pole dancing lessons for you.

STEP #2 ==> Assess Your Home Dance Area:

Grab your broom …….. go ahead, I will wait here 🙂 Now, the biggest thing you need is a safe place to dance. Adequate space is a must! A way to test different areas in your house for proper spacing is by taking your broom and put it where you might want your pole. Extend both arms out to your sides while holding onto the broom with one hand. Then walk in a circle around the broom. The fingertips of your outer hand shouldn’t touch anything… this is ABOUT how much space you will need. Once you find good space, you can check the ceiling and flooring in that area to be sure it’s safe to install a pole there. Here is a more detailed article regarding how to pick a safe home workout space >>

STEP #3 ==> Purchase A Home Pole Dancing Kit (or create your own):

Purchasing a home pole dancing kit makes life a LOT easier and avoids costly losses in time and money trying to run down all the different piece you might need. If you don’t want to buy a pole kit, then all you need to get started is a safe home pole dancing pole and some pole dancing fitness lessons.

STEP #4 ==> Assess Your Current Health & Nutrition:

While your pole and lessons are being shipped to you, take this time to think about your eating habits. Getting the body of a pole dancer, getting toned, and losing weight are all by-products of a clean diet. Learning to eat healthy lean meats, organic vegetables, and eat in a timely manner is a critical component to your success. You need a healthy diet for ENERGY and to feed your new muscle, not just weight loss.

**The number one reason for diet failure >> is because people don’t see results quick enough. Be sure to pick a healthy diet plan that will produce quick results in a healthy and organic way.

STEP #5 ==> Set Up Your Home For Your Workout:

Your dance pole should have arrived by now and you can follow the manufacturer’s instruction to install the pole because all dance poles are made differently. Here are some helpful videos that will help you understand the installation process a bit better >>

STEP #6 ==> Implement Your Home Pole Dancing Lessons:

When your dance pole is safely installed in your home, spend some time doing a brief overview of the workout plans so you know how to fit it into your current life’s schedule in an easy way for you.   We all have busy lives with family to consider, failing to plan your workout days and times is setting yourself up for failure. You must set a time and days you know will work for you, announce that time to your friends and family and stick to it. Don’t let people distract you from this time to get healthy and get in shape.

STEP #7 ==> Commit To Yourself and Enjoy:

Start your pole dancing workout plans and your healthy diet plans on the same day. Stick to your plan and watch the body (and attitude) transformation begin. You deserve the very best life, the healthiest body, and to feel super sexy (no matter what your pant size is)….. PERIOD. Let nothing stop you from enjoying your life and your workout.

It’s YOU TIME baby.

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