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What Pole Is Best For Pole Dancing? Static | Spinning | Dual Function

by | Jan 1, 2023 | 32 comments

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2023)

There are different poles for pole dancing. The short answer would be 3 types; Static, Spinning and dual function poles. Static poles are the type that does not rotate which makes it a good choice for absolute beginners.

The next choice would be the Spinning poles; which is basically the same pole as static pole but with the ability to spin around its axis. But the 3rd and the best type is the dual function poles. This type has the ability to switch between both static and spinning mode easily. This way you can have both static and spinning functions based on the needs of your practice and level at any point in time.

There are multiple purposes for using a dance pole, from fitness and workout to dance. However, there is no difference in the type of pole based on the purpose of use.

What size pole is best for pole dancing? There are 3 different pole sizes in our shop; the 40mm, 42mm and 45mm. The best size pole is one that is suitable for your hand size, level in pole fitness and intended use. It is commonly known that the thicker the dance pole the more harder it is to grip. However, I find that as a beginner, the 45mm pole is most suitable for leg, hangs and inverted tricks as the thicker pole gives that extra stability.  Also it’s worth knowing the 45mm is the industry standard and the most common dance pole size used in competitions and most studio classes.

Many ask the question that What size pole should I buy? If you are planning to continue pole dancing to advanced levels, it is best to start using the 45mm right from the beginning. It might be a bit harder to grip if you have smaller hands however there are multiple solutions to that. Grip Aid is one great solution to consider to improve your grip.

Grip Aid is the best way to have a good grip on the pole regardless of the dance pole thickness. 

Another very important aspect of having a good grip is upper body training. The stronger your upper body becomes the easier you can grip the pole and lift up your weight.

Upper body training is crucial in pole dancing and pole fitness and is one great way to build your dancer’s body. Don’t forget to check out our Upper Body training Video Tutorial.

How do I choose a pole for dancing?

What pole should I buy for pole fitness? It is best recommended to buy a Dual Function Dance Pole. These type of poles can give you both static and spinning functions. As the two functions are crucial to develop and excel your pole fitness techniques.

There are multiple brands in the market selling these type of dance poles and based on your budget and other criteria you could choose the best dance pole for home use.

What is the best pole dancing pole to buy? The best pole dancing pole to buy depends on preferences and needs. Popular choices: X-Pole, Lupit Pole, and Lil’ Mynx, with various materials and options. For a budget-friendly option, PFD dance pole ensures an enjoyable experience within your budget. Consider skill level, ceiling height, and budget to make the right choice.

The right way to choose a pole is to consider 3 things; the pole thickness, the pole material and at last the brand. As mentioned above we have cover the dance pole thickness as for the material there are multiple dance pole materials to choose from. Each material fits a certain types of environment, weather and skin. To know more about the different dance pole finish type please read our extensive blog on the said topic.

Will pole dancing help lose weight?

Pole dancing is a great way to build muscle as it is engages and works your upper body muscles. In more advance moves you’ll have your lower body muscles engaged as well. And as we know, when the body get stimulated to build muscle, with the right diet you will gain more muscle and lose body fat.

One of the best ways to reduce body fat and gain lean muscle is through regular exercise like pole dancing or pole fitness. This sport is among one of the greatest way to gain muscle strength and be able to maintain a healthy body. Pole dancing is one way to target both your physical as well as mental well being. Read our blog here for the full benefits of pole dancing for fitness.

What type of pole is best for beginners?

There are different debates on this topic, Here at we believe a dual function pole that can spin and also be set on static mode is the best type of pole as you will get a chance to learn skills from both modes. A static only pole is more suited for professional dancers and will restrict you in that it can never switch to spinning pole if you decide to try this later.

What kind of pole is used for pole dancing? There are several kind of dance pole that can be used for pole dancing, such as; friction fit, stage or freestanding and ceiling mounted dance poles. Friction fit dance pole are among the most popular type for home and studio use.

It is a common feedback from beginner dancers that the spinning motion of the pole caused them discomfort and dizziness. However this is a feeling that can be overcome with more practice and knowing the right tips to prevent dizziness while dancing on a spinning dance pole . Read on for more here.

How to install pole dancing pole?

In order to know how to install a pole dancing pole, first you need to know what type of dance pole is best suited for your use. I could say majority of home dance pole are friction fit dance poles. Friction fit dance poles are easy to install and uninstall and they don’t need extra tools as it usually comes in the pole kit.

Friction fit dance poles are basically dance poles that will fit the gap between your ceiling and the ground while pressing against each point by expanding itself.  It uses tension and friction on both the ceiling and floor to stay in place and usually has a friction pad attached at the top and bottom of your dance pole to help it stay in place and distribute your weight on both sides of the pole. Friction fit dance poles are secure if installed properly, they will withstand the shakes and strong moves on the dance pole as long as the dancer’s weight is within the weight limitation for each pole. Here is a great article where we answer common questions regarding dance poles for full figured dancers.

Each brand has a different installation step and it is important to watch the installation videos for each pole before buying it. Also important installation tip, it is important to check your ceiling type and measure your ceiling height to identify the right dance pole for your home. The best place to start after measuring your ceiling is to look at the heigh chart for the pole. If you are browsing the shop, you will see the height chart and information for each pole in the Shipping Tab of any product.

Here are few BUDGET Friction Fit Dance Poles with High Quality Finish & Dual Function (Spinning/Static)

1. Pro Chrome Dance Pole PFD: The (PFD) Chrome Portable Removable Dance Pole is a screw together type dance pole offering a superior chrome plating finish, extra strong deep set solid joints, and smooth action bearing for a smooth and gracefully looking pole dance move or inverted spin! Fully removable and portable.

2. PFD Pro Quality Dance Pole: The (PFD) Pro Quality Dance Pole is a screw together type dance pole offering a superior chrome electroplated finish, extra strong deep set solid joints, and smooth action bearing for a graceful looking pole dance move or inverted spin!   Fully removable and easily portable with the black carrying bag.

3. Illusion Pro Quality Dance Pole: This is a BRAND NEW PFD Dance Pole launched in November of 2022 so there will be no reviews yet. We have very limited stock. This pole is identical to our #1 Best Selling PFD Chrome Pro Quality Dance Pole only this is a colourful Titanium Illusion finish type.


  1. Layla

    So i lost the two little screws that go in the bottom of the pole to make it stationary. How could i go about getting more?

    • Danna

      Hi Layla, I have some here at the studio. I am working on adding them to the store very soon. They are so tiny many people often lose them 🙂 They are $4.99 for two, that includes shipping anywhere in the USA – would you like me to send you a PayPal invoice? Thanks Danna

    • Moe

      It’s 2023, this store still available?

      • PoleFitnessDancing

        Hi Layla, yes our online store is still available and have expanded quite a bit to include many new products and brands 🙂

        You can browse our products from this link here :

        Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions! 🙂

  2. tiffany

    Hi!! I’m looking into getting a pole to try before I buy 12 or so. I’m new to the pole buying experience, I watched your videos on it, and do these poles all have the spinning option? I want a pile that spins, but can be stationary as well. What is the best option seeing as how I’m not trying to spend 700 on the floor set. Thank you!!

    • Danna

      Hi Tiffany!

      Yes these poles are both spinning and static 🙂

      I don’t think you can find a professional grade pole set of 12 or more for $700 though. The cheapest dance pole I have seen is a knock-off brand of the Carmen Electra Pole that has plastic parts on Ebay for about $50 – that pole is not suitable to spin or invert on, even though they say it can hold 200lbs – they are dangerous. Good poles that are good quality and are built to last cost a bit more money to manufacture. We do offer a bulk discount and in your case since you are buying more than ten poles that discount would be 15% off the total for the affordable no brand pole – shipping is still FREE in the USA.

      I know that’s probably higher than what you wanted, but it’s a good pole and worth the price 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Alessandra

    Hi! I have a few questions:
    1- The X-pert pole has the stationery and spinning mode? And the dance pol is only stationary?
    2- Don’t you have the 50mm size of the pole?
    3- I’m from Itlay, do you ship to my country?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Danna

      The X Pert X Pole is both stationary and spinning. The pole comes in 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm. Get your Portable X Pert X Pole in different size and color options in our shop here >>

      It is the X Pole Sport version that is stationary only.

      X Pole will only allow me to ship in the North and South America Regions at this time. Sorry 🙁

  4. Grace

    Hi! I’ve been searching for Pole kit and there is so many out there to choose from, It make it hard for me to choose which one is the right one for me! I’m 5’3 tall, my weight is 210 something around there, under 220! Is there any pole you recommend me?. I saw some reviews on YouTube about this website and I heard good stuff about these poles,but what I did not heard was about the weight these poles can actually take sense all the ladies that made the review video were skinny and good body shape.

    • Danna

      Hi Grace, The dance pole I recommend is the X Pole or the Portable and Affordable No Brand Dance Pole sold in my store. I have test and used them both in my studios. They both come in 45mm and would easily hold 220 with no problem at all 🙂

      Hope that helps!!

  5. Tanya G

    Hi Danna,
    Does the no brand home pole work on popcorn ceiling? What is the minimum radius floor space for pole dancing? I rent an apartment and i don’t have a spare room or anything which i can dedicate to pole dancing.

    • Danna

      Hi Tanya, yes it will work just fine with a popcorn ceiling, however, it can leave a little ring on the ceiling when you take it down because the dome will knock off some of the texture. This can be repaired by getting a can of spray texture from Ace for “popcorn texture”.

      The minimum radius for pole dancing depends on the size of your body. We all have different length of arms and legs. The best way to decide what is best for you is to put a chair about where you want the pole to be. Hold on to the back of the chair with your right hand and then hold your left arm straight out to the side. You should be standing with both arms extended out as far as they can reach while holding onto the chair with your right hand. Then, walk around the chair in a circle without letting go of the back of the chair. Your fingertips of your left hand shouldn’t touch anything in the room. The circle that you make when you walk is the “approximate” area you would need to dance in for your body type.

      Hope that makes sense 🙂


  6. Monica

    Just curious about the differences between 40mm, 45mm or 50mm? Meaning is there a reason I should look into getting one size over the other? I am a complete newbie, Thanks for all your help!

    • Danna

      Hi Monica, the only reason you would be particular about a size is if you have experience as a pole dancer and prefer an existing size or you plan to compete. Since you are a newbie, go with the 45mm. It’s the industrial standard now and if you choose to compete someday then you will be prepared as well 🙂 Hope that helps!

  7. Janeta

    Hey i lost my bag of pole supplys, is there any way i can buy an extra bag or can i get things at home depo or ace?

    • Danna

      If you email me your original order number I can look in the warehouse for an extra set for you. You can also buy an Allen Wrench set at ACE (costs about $2) and that will unscrew the hex screws in the base to make the pole spinning or static. You can use a pair of Channel locks or a wrench to loosen the nut on the adjuster bar 🙂 Hope that helps!

  8. Ali

    Hi, just wondering whether any pole would be suitable for use in a rented apartment. (Basically wouldn’t damage the ceiling and is easy to remove for inspections /showings)

    • Danna

      All the portable/removable poles sold here are suitable for use in a rental apartment. I have used both the Pro Quality Pole Dancing Pole for home and the X Pole in my apartment back when I had one and I got my deposit back with no problems. Damaging the ceiling is rare when they are installed correctly.

  9. Jasmine

    Hello I was wondering if the pole is affordable no brand pole is safe for using on carpet and is there anything you need to do differently to install on carpet vs hard floors

  10. megan

    which portable pole is best for an apartment im extremely interested in getting a pole but need to be able to disassemble it when need be . I’m not sure what the difference between the X Pert and the NO Brand….please help! lol look forward to your response !!

  11. Joslynn

    Hello Danna,
    I have a chrome 45mm pole and it get slippery very quickly. I make sure to wash my hands and not put any lotion on prior to using it and the pole still gets slipery so often I am constantly wiping it.
    do you have any suggestions as to how I can prevent this?

    • Danna

      Hi Joslyn, this is a very common problem with most poles. The best way to improve your grip will be unique to you and highly depends on your skin type, environment, and finish type of the pole (like chrome, brass, etc.) Here is a great article that goes into depth on getting a better grip >>

  12. Sul Louis

    Hi , will you be selling any pole bags (for easy transport/storing) ? I can’t find them a anywhere without them being an outrageous price . I hope you start selling them soon , i would like to buy one for my pole that I’m also purchasing from your site.

    • Danna

      Thanks Sul, yah there are kindof expensive, we don’t have them as of yet, wish we did. That is one of our many works in progress.

  13. Nan

    Dear Danna,

    I ordered the affordable no brand pole and received it 2 weeks ago. Shipping was superfast and easy and the pole is fantastic!!!. I love the classes that came with it as well. I only got to use it this weekend due to a business trip and it was absolutely worth the wait :).

    Just wanted to let you know that i am over the moon with my pole and am totally excited to start my journey.

    Thank you!

    • Danna

      Hi Nan, thank you so much for the fantastic feedback. I am so happy it’s working for you and that you are allowing me to be part of your wonderful journey! Enjoy you pole!!!! 🙂

  14. Lenore

    Hello, I would like to have a pole in my office and it is a drop ceiling. What type of pole would I use.

    • Danna

      You cannot install the pole to a drop ceiling but you can remove one of the ceiling tiles in the ceiling and run the pole up through to the ceiling above. You would need to remove a ceiling tile to see what kind of roof structure is up in there and hopefully install the pole to a secure location above the drop ceiling. Remember to consult a qualified carpenter if you are not sure. Safety is important. 🙂

  15. kayla

    Hi purchased a xpert xpole 50mm some years back, and love it. However I moved and my ceilings are 10ft tall, I need a purchase a extension however my pole doesn’t have the xjoints the extensions screw in.. anyway of getting these?

    • Danna

      Hi Kayla, we don’t sell the X Pole screw together type pole parts, the best way to get those is by contacting the X Pole US division 🙂


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