Curious Which Dance Pole Is Best For You?

Dance Pole Safety Tips For Full Figured Women & Heavier Men

Is there a pole dancing weight limit? There are plenty dance pole safety tips to learn about. Here we are going to learn pole safety for full figured women.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to buy a safe dancing pole for full figured or plus size women (women with body weights of 200 +) and men who weigh 180+ pounds.

Most people think that pole fitness is for skinny women. Another dance pole safety tips; the truth is that there are MANY overweight women (and men) who enjoy pole dancing for exercise.

It’s the American culture and the “stripper stigma” of pole dancing that makes you automatically think only skinny women can pole dance.

So if you are one of the many gorgeous full figured plus size women who want to use pole fitness for exercise, to learn to feel more sexy, to gain confidence, and lose some weight – OR a man who wants to use pole fitness to gain muscle, get lean, or maybe even dance with your wife in doubles, then the very fist thing you need is a dancing pole that is safe enough for your body weight.

Most of the poles dancing poles sold on the market are fully portable and removable dance poles that spin. People frequently choose these because they rent a home or apartment and don’t want to damage the place they live in.  Others choose portable dance poles because it gives them the freedom to change ceiling heights and locations at will.

The down slope is that fully portable and removable poles are not as safe for heavier body weights as compared to permanently installed poles the screw into the ceiling and floor – even if the pole manufacturer says it can hold 350 – 440+ pounds.  Here’s why:

Is there a pole dancing weight limit? The amount of weight a pole can hold is typically the amount of weight as if you were just doing a pull up on the pole and NOT spinning, meaning you are only applying downward pressure on the pole with NO motion.  It does not account for the extra pressure created during spinning around the pole due to centrifugal force.

Dance Pole Safety Tips for Heavier Women | Portable Dance Pole

Heavier body weights CAN use a good quality portable pole just like anyone else as long as the pole is rated for their body weights – it works as long as the quality is good; however, it is by far better and safer to use a semi permanent installation when using a portable dance pole.

Getting a semi-permanent installation with a portable and removable dance pole that spins is achieved by adding permanent ceiling mount to the pole.

Here one more dance pole safety tips you need to consider is a pole with very good bearings. Heavier body weights apply more pressure on pole bearings. SO BEWARE: if you buy a pole with cheap bearings, it may stop spinning after a few short months!  Many no brand dance poles LOOK IDENTICAL but they are NOT made identical by any means.

You need to know what to look for in a good quality dance pole – this is critical for full figured pole dancers.

Here is a summary of dance pole buying safety tips for our lovely heavier plus size pole dancers:

  • Here is another general dance pole tips, don’t skimp on quality. Heavier body weights can wear the pole out quicker and you need something that is not only safe, but will last you a long time and not quite spinning after a month or two.  Nobody likes wasting money and remember, your health is #1.
  • Consider a permanent ceiling mount if you want a portable and removable dance pole for your home.  If you choose not to get the permanent ceiling mount for your pole, DO NOT run at the pole and spin on it like you would a marry-go-round!  This is very tempting as we all like to play on our new pole, but when they are installed with pressure, the sideways impact and extreme centrifugal force can loosen the dome from the ceiling.  Portable poles were never designed to take that kind of impact, regardless of brand.
  • Permanent poles are the most safe and stable for heavier dancers with the semi-permanent coming in at a very close #2 choice.
  • Don’t let society get the best of your attitude!  You deserve to feel sexy, be happy, and enjoy pole fitness as any other skinny girl.  You CAN do it – many bigger girls before you have, you can too!  You just need to take some added safety precautions.
  • Full Figured women often get discouraged about starting because they can’t do one pull up and lack upper body strength needed to pole dance.  This is normal and skinny girls often can’t do one pull up either – read more about getting started in pole fitness when you lack upper body strength here >

In The Pole Fitness Dancing Shop – the #1 seller for heavier dancers is the Pro Quality Pole AND the XPert X-Pole.  Both poles have been tested safe in my studios for heavier body weights, as long as you practice safe dancing techniques.

Here is a recent testimonial for the Pro Quality Removable Spinning Dance Pole:

Marion here! I am so pleased to report that thus far things have been great. My whole family loves the pole. My place is small, it’s right smack dab in between the living and dining areas. Every uses it as a fitness tool. When the kids are sound asleep or at Nana’s I practice the sexy.. otherwise I just exercise. the stretches you can do with a vertical pole are amazing.
I bought it because I have wanted one for years and because it will help me with my grips and upper body strength. I train Bazillian Jiu jitsu.
For my big girls, please know that I am 5’7″ and 222lbs (229) a few weeks ago. It is so secure. I followed Danna’s video to install. I installed it with the help of my guy. We rent and no risk to the security deposit -because we followed the guidelines and it’s secure on joists! I am so so pleased. I can do very basic spins… it’s nothing fancy but girls… it’s liberating and aweome. I never thought I’d love me so much at 32 years and a mom of 3.. I researched for a long time. Danna’s service is awesome. Thank you girl!
If you are on the fence… Hop off! Just do it! One life. Make the rest of your years the best of your years. Xo

Marion J. Blow

Both poles are fully portable, removable and are a spinning dance pole.   You can get the X Pole block ceiling mount which works on both flat and vaulted (slanted) ceilings to achieve the semi-permanent installation for added safety.

If you can’t afford the XPert model X pole, you can use the X-Pole brand ceiling mounts with the Pro Quality Pole, just be aware that it was never technically MADE for that but many women have used the X pole ceiling mounts with the Pro Quality Pole with no problems at all.

All the pole kits sold in The Pole Fitness Dancing Shop come with pole fitness lessons for beginners which include ultra basics lessons for full figured girls 🙂   If you already have a dancer pole, you can get pole dancing lessons online for full figured women here >

Once you have decided on your dance pole, the next step is to set up your dancing space.

And start learning to pole dance at home 🙂

As always, love yourself, be safe, practice awareness and smile!


  1. angela windham

    thank you for this article!!!

    • Danna

      You’re very welcome : ) <3

  2. Alana

    What are some pole brand that are semi or permanent I’m really looking for something safe since I weigh 250

    Thanks Alana

  3. Em

    What weight do you think should get a semi-perm pole?

    • Danna

      Every dance pole has a weight rating on it whether its removable or semi permanent. Just be sure the weight rating fits your needs and you will be good to go! Thanks!

  4. Rhonda S

    what size pole should I get my weight is 275?
    what also what brand?

    • Danna

      HI there : ) As long as the pole weight rated for over you weight, it will be fine. Most dance poles are rated for 350lbs plus but you would need to read the product listing of each pole to see what works best for you. Here is a great article that review the best dance pole brands we recommend and they would all work just for your weight : ) Hopefully that helps.


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