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Below you will find the most recent list of dance pole video reviews.


general dance pole reviewsA General Overview Of Various Brands Review

This will go over various dance poles available on the market for purchase and compare them to each other in a video review.  This helps you understand what is out there, the differences in these dance poles, and what to look for in a good quality dance pole for home use.

X Pert X Pole ReviewXPert X Pole VERSUS Other Types Of Dance Poles Review

This review will go over the X Pole XPert model (which is both spinning and static) and compare it to other models of dance poles.

carmen-electra-dance-pole-review-videoCarmen Electra Profession Dance Pole Review

This video review will go over the "unboxing" of the Carmen Electra Dance pole, show you how it works, and do a comparison to other types of poles available for sale.

hot pink stripper pole by Peekaboo reviewHot Pink Spencer Stripper Pole Review

This dance pole review will go over the Hot Pink dance pole commonly sold at Spencer's so you can see what it's made of and how it works as compared to other home dance poles.

Pole Star pole dancing polePro Star Dance Pole Review

This review will go over the Pro Star dance pole and it's un-boxing.  This one has a weird surprise and again, will also help you understand how it's made and works as compared to other dance poles available on the market for sale.



X Pole XPert Dance Pole Review - NX Model

This review is for the XPert NX Model dance pole by X Pole.  X-Pole is a known brand for the revolutionary X Joint technology.


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