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New Lupit Classic DIAMOND Dance Pole Review! **SAVE 10%**

The new Lupit Classic Diamond dance pole for home and studio use has been added to the Pole Fitness Dancing Shop!   This is a very classic and sleek pole unique to it’s own.

If you haven’t heard, the Lupit Classic pole is the easiest dance pole to take up and down on a regular basis due to it’s one-of-a-kind slide together design during the installation process.

Lupit Classic dance pole jointsAs you can see in the photos to the side, there are no “holes” in the finish of the pole like most other portable, removable dance poles.  It’s a sleek surface with a smooth seam where the joints are and that’s it!  Making it by far the easiest pole to get up and down easily and in a hurry!

There is no screwing together pole parts like the Pro Quality removable dance pole and no hex keys or locking of the joints like in the x joints found in the X Pole Xpert model dance poles.  The only other pole that is just as easy to put up and take down in a hurry is the Lil’ Mynx rotator pole, however, it’s not nearly as portable because it stays in one really long piece whereas the Lupit Classic will break down into smaller piece for a better ease of portability and storage (like a closet for example).

If you have never heard of the Lupit Classic removable dance pole, then you can watch my Lupit Classic dance pole review video and get all the juicy details!

I still have the 42mm stainless steel Lupit Classic installed in my living room and dance on it till this day.  When I use the Lupit Grip Pad /  Pole Cleaner, then it’s by far the easiest stainless steel dance pole I have ever danced on and grip.

So what’s the difference between the Lupit Classic and the Lupit Diamond portable, removable dance poles?

Lupit Diamond dance pole top plateWell, the Lupit Diamond pole is basically the same as the Lupit Classic dance pole only the Diamond version has Swarovski crystals on the top plate and base which are sparkling and shining as you dance.  It is a spinning dance pole that can be made static with a single hex screw in the base.  It is a fully portable and removable dance pole making it perfect for home practice in your home, apartment or studio without any drilling or hard setup.

If you add some dance pole lighting when you set up your dancing space, then these crystals will shine and reflect the various colors of the stage lighting while you are dancing!  There are plenty of various colors you can get in stage lighting as well as plain white which really makes these Swarovski crystals sparkle and shine!!

The new Lupit Diamond comes with the online pole dancing lessons for beginners as usual so you will have everything you need to get started.   If you aren’t sure what the online pole dancing lessons for beginners is like, you can get a “feel” for them by learning the Play & Win pole dance routine step by step in this series =>

As part of this special announcement that the Lupit Diamond has been made available in the US and has been added to the PoleFitnessDancingShop, we are offering a LIMITED TIME discount of 10% (it’s on sale now, no coupon required) but hurry!!  This offer ends 12/17/17!

Lupit Black Round Pole Dance Crash MatLupit also makes crash mats for pole dancing in unique colors like gold, silver, and red as well as the standard crash mat colors of black and pink!

Looking for more discounts on removable, portable dance poles for you home?

Get all the current running pole dance fitness deals here =>


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