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Are struggling to find the best pole dancing pole for home use?

Do you need to know the best way to pick a dance pole that is right for you?

If you didn’t already know, you have a lot of choices but what many people don’t know is that there are poorly designed dance poles (also known as Stripper Poles) on the market being sold that are flat-out dangerous!

While there are reputable dance pole companies that make very good quality poles like the X Pole and Lupit but there are also other brand name poles that are NOT safe to exercise or invert on, especially if you are a heavier lady looking to lose weight through pole dance classes at home.

There are both brand name poles that are safe and NOT safe, as well as no brand dance poles to choose from sold on Ebay or Amazon.  I will start from the worst to the best or safest and hopefully this will help you choose.

The Carmen Electra Pole is an example of a risky brand name stripper pole that isn’t suitable for heavy exercise use and some pole dancing spins. Even though the advertising associated with this pole says it is rated for 225 lbs, a recent video review has shown that this pole has risky features that could prove dangerous to its user like thin metal that bends easily, plastic parts that break, and more.

Carmen Electra Pole Review:

YouTube video

A Pole Dancing Pole for home use is an expensive investment so many women are attracted to cheaper options; however, if you don’t know what to look for in a good quality dance pole, this could be a dangerous mistake! 

In my experience, Lupit and X Pole are the best quality and most professional dance pole available on the market but not everyone can afford the those big name brands so they will search for other brands.  Other brands are ok, as long as they are Professional Grade with good qualities.

Compare The X- Pole XPert Dance Pole Versus Other Types of Dance Poles Review:

YouTube video

There are many no brand stripper dance poles that are advertised as “professional” and safe for heavy use, however, a recent pole dancing pole review showed that even though these poles look virtually identical, they are made VERY differently.

This Dance Pole Review will show you what to watch for in a Professional Quality Dance Pole if you ARE NOT buying a Reputable Brand Name Pole:
YouTube video

Even though these no brand poles sold on Ebay and Amazon look identically, the variations in the quality of manufacturing make buying the wrong pole a health risk! Some of these pole dancing poles have poor quality chrome that has chipped on and cut people!

Also, the metal the pole was constructed from was so thin, that is bend when a person tried to do pole spins and tricks on it at home. And, if the thin metal and chipping chrome wasn’t bad enough, the bearings inside the pole that make is a spinning pole can freeze up after a short month!

Having a spinning, portable and removable pole is the best option and many brand and no brand strippers poles claim to have these features but that doesn’t’ mean that a consumer should “look no further” once they have found a dance pole sporting those features.

The dance pole should further be examined for thick metal, plastic parts, quality bearings (especially if it is a spinning dance pole), good rubber on the dome and base and more. Some model poles have upgraded from the Rubber to TPE Padding on the dome and base, namely the Pro Quality Powder Coated Pole and Pro Quality Colorful poles. Don’t worry, the change of material to TPE padding have been tested to enhancing gripping quality and in recent times, becoming a more popular replacement for rubber or silicone as it offers the same if not better gripping quality and is environmentally safe.

You can buy a dance pole like the one in the video above with ALL the GOOD features you want to see in a dance pole here =>

Want to know what the BEST most top rated dance poles for home use are?

Oh Wait, We have more for you!

Here is the Lupit Classic Dance Pole Review – it’s a newer pole to the US and is a heavy pole made of very good quality, heavy, thick, stainless steel:

YouTube video

Get the Lupit Classic Dance pole here =>>

Pole Star Dance Pole Review (has a free carrying bag): Shocking Bombshell!!

YouTube video

If you have never shopped for a pole dancing pole for your home, then you would greatly benefit by doing some research about how to pick a good quality pole for you. Buying a dance pole is an investment in your health and shouldn’t be taken lightly. One bad mistake and you could find that you wasted a lot of money and potentially bought a pole that is not safe for what you intend to do with it.

Taking an online pole dancing lesson at home for exercise or fitness has shown to be one of the best ways to get in shape, not only for woman but men as well. Yes, you heard that right; a growing body of men are now pole dancing for fitness.

With more and more pole dancing classes sprouting up all across the globe, the word is quickly spreading that pole dancing for fitness is potentially one of the quickest ways for a woman to burn fat while working out at home.

Just learn to pole dance at home SAFELY. Research the right dance pole for your situation and get good quality dance instruction through online pole dancing lessons to get started.

All the pole dancing poles found in the Pole Fitness Dancing Shop come with online pole dancing lessons for beginners Getting the right lessons teaching proper form and dance technique will help you stay safe while you enjoy your new workout!!


  1. Julie

    I was wondering how long does it take to ship?

    • Danna

      Both the Pro Quality Removable Pole and X Poles are week or less. I have had customers get their pole in 2 business days flat! It depends on where you live 🙂

  2. Maria

    Can this fit ten foot ceilings?

  3. Alexane

    Hi! I bought from your site the no-brand pole about 1-2 months ago and I realized just now that I didn’t receive any code or anything (at least I don’t think so…) in order to benefit from your online lessons! Could you tell me how to access them?

    Thank you!

    P.s.: The pole is amazing, exactly as expected 🙂 love it!

    • Danna

      Thanks <3 And Yes absolutely. The link to access your lessons is emailed at the same time as your tracking numbers for your pole. Just pop me an email and I can re-send you the link to register if needed 🙂

  4. Hercilda

    And it comes with a case? And for vaulted ceilings is that separate? I want to purchase this pole

  5. Kristi

    Hello! You mentioned above that the affordable pole would be shipping with the case soon. Is that in stock now? Also, do you plan on running a sale anytime soon?

    • Danna

      Hi Kristi 🙂 We have not been able to get the pole paired with a bag in a “kit” yet, still working on it. However we do have a separate bag you can purchase for it here: Also, I don’t have plans for a sale anytime soon, however they are very spontaneous so please subscribe to my newsletter below so you get notified of any sale 🙂


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