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What Is Pole Dance Fitness And Its Benefits?

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Pole dance fitness is one of the most popular aerial sports among men and women. Let’s review what is pole fitness and pole fitness benefits for our body and mind.

What Is Pole Dance Fitness Dancing?

Using dance as a way of getting fit and in shape has long been a part of our history (read more on the history of pole dancing here). But this new trend is using pole fitness dancing a way of getting in shape. This new fitness trend has taken the world by storm and seems to be here to stay.

There are many trends that have come and gone in the fitness industry. For Example various types of aerobics including step, Tai Bo, belly dancing, salsa, booty shaking, ab crunching and more. However, pole dancing is different. Much like running and cycling, pole dancing has become a fitness trend that may soon become an Olympic sport. That’s right!

The reason pole dancing could become the next Olympic sport is because it takes a true athlete to pole dance. Pole fitness dancing is for everyone. However if you take it to advanced levels, then you must be in incredible shape to pull off those performances. This is similar to running or cycling. Olympics athletes are super fit and it takes a professional athlete to run or cycle the miles in an Olympic marathon. Pole dancing is the same. You must be a professional athlete to pull off the spin, drops, turns, and holds required in an Olympic level pole performance.

A girl doing pole fitness and thinking what is pole fitnessWhat is pole fitness? And how to you get started pole dancing for fitness?

It’s just that, using pole dancing as a form of fitness. It doesn’t matter if you are out of shape and trying to lose weight. Also it doesn’t matter if you are already in great shape but looking for a challenge. Pole fitness dancing is for you. Learning to pole dance can be done in the comfort of your own home as well!

It is a sport in which everyone can grow and improve. From the housewife in the privacy of her own home to the athlete in a state pole dancing competition. Every person can use pole dancing to take their fitness to the next level.

Why Would You Want to Use Pole Dance Fitness Dance For Exercise?

Most exercise programs get old and boring, that’s why they are fads and quickly disappear to be replaced by the next fun way to burn extra calories. Different forms of exercise have been around for ages and everyone is always looking for the next best way to make exercise more fun and less like hard work.

Everyone wants a sleek fit body, but not many people are really willing to endure most forms of exercise required to get that look. Let’s face it, exercise can flat out suck. It can feel like you’re pushing yourself to jog, starring at the clock on a treadmill and bribing your inner self to keep going only to burn a measly 50 more calories. And with people lifestyles becoming busier, there is less and less time to get in peak shape.

What is pole fitness good for?

Pole fitness can be considered one of the greatest ways to build true muscles as well as strength. This is because pole fitness mainly involves the manipulation of one’s own body weight. As a result the strength built is more natural and long lasting. Besides, pole fitness helps to improve overall mental and physical health.

Pole fitness dancing works your entire body in a variety of ways. Swinging on a pole isn’t a natural form of movement that our bodies endure every day. It makes you use muscles that you normally don’t use on a regular basis. For this reason alone, pole dancing challenges the body, making any level of fitness come up to a level that is above average.

It can be very challenging for anyone at any fitness level. In fact, it is so challenging that it doesn’t take much time on the pole to place a large demand for an excursion on the muscles hence burning more calories in a shorter period of time.

Is Pole Dance Fitness Dancing a Trashy Way of Getting in Shape?

While pole dancing has its roots in the stripper industry, it doesn’t mean that it is promoting more people to become strippers. Pole dancing does help promote a woman to reveal their sexuality. However, being a sexual being has always been a part of being female.

Pole fitness is more geared toward getting in shape and losing weight, not taking clothes off for money. The skimpy clothing is designed to enhance the body’s ability to stick to the pole. Using the skin to grip the pole (read more about grip aids) is important to hold poses during training and performances. Therefore, the more skin showing, the easier it is to grip. There are now a lot of pole dance fitness clothing available for this activity.

What are the benefits of pole dance fitness dancing for both men and woman?

A healthy, lean appearance is one of the best benefits of pole fitness dancing. Extra muscle mass is a natural side effect as well since executing pole moves and spins are challenging.

It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female. People of all genders can benefit from pole dancing (Pole dancing for kids) and have lots of fun doing so. In addition, it’s easy to get started pole dancing at home.

Is pole fitness the same as pole dancing?

They both share basic similarities, such as; the pole itself and fundamental movements, however the difference is in the style of practicing and using the pole. For instance in pole fitness the focus is mostly on utilising the pole to work out, building strength and muscle mass and achieving daring moves.

A male pole dancer doing pole fitness move while thinking Mens Pole Dancing for Fitness and ExerciseMen have a tendency to be a lot less sexual. However they can perform a lot more powerful tricks on the pole due to their stronger build. Women have to work up their bodies to build the muscle required to execute moves. But men already have the muscle mass required. Therefore men have a head start on doing awesome & dangerous tricks that wow the audiences. It’s common for beginners to need to learn how to build the upper body strength for pole dance fitness.

There is also duo pole dancing where both men and woman dance on the pole together. These are very beautiful and enjoyable to watch just like any other form of partner dancing.

YouTube video

If you haven’t decided to use pole dance fitness as part of your exercise routine, now is the time!  It’s easy to get started, even if you don’t have pole dance fitness classes in your area.

Live life to the fullest and allow yourself to experience things in life for fun, without judgement, it’s worth it!!

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