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Learning Pole At Home: Beginners Tips For Buying Dance Poles and Lessons To Get Started

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Learning how to pole dance at home is a fun and a scary experience.  If you have never pole danced before, then you may experience some confusion about what kind of pole to buy, you may have safety concerns, and you may wonder where to take your pole dancing lessons.

All of these are common concerns for beginners and in this article, I will help you get a more clear understanding of how to get into pole dancing at home for exercise, fun, and fitness.

The very first thing you will need is a good, safe, and sturdy dance pole suitable for exercise at home.  If you don’t know anything about dance poles, then you may be tempted to let the price of the pole sway your decision.  Don’t let it.

Learn what to look for in a safe pole and be sure to buy one that meets those standards.  Anything less is risking your safety and health.  You are worth the investment.

However, safety doesn’t mean you need to blow your pocket book out either.  A good dance pole will be made of ALL METAL PARTS.  If it has any plastic parts don’t buy it.  Why?  Plastic breaks under pressure, plain and simple.  You don’t want to be one of those girls on YouTube that has an epic “pole fail”.

Get a pole that is both static and spinning. You will use both these modes when learning how to pole dance at home.  

A spinning dance pole is sometimes easiest to learn on.  Also, if a pole is both spinning and static, it is usually better built as well.

Brand name poles like X-Poles and Lil Mynx usually have better warranties and are better quality.  There are no name brand poles available on Amazon and EBay for How to pole dancearound $150 but you need to know what to look for because these poles can be unsafe as well.  They can be made of cheap metal that bends easily and has chrome plating that can chip off and cut you.  Learn what to look for in a no brand pole before you buy one for your home.

Next, you will need some grip powder or cream.  Either PFD Grip Aid Gel or PFD Grip Tac will do. 

When you are learning how to pole dance you won’t have a very strong grip.  Grip aids can help improve your grip on the pole until your strength builds in your hands.

Never use any lotions, oils or anything on your skin when you are pole dancing.  You need to grip with your skin. If you have something oily on your skin you could slide off the pole and hurt yourself.  Always clean your pole to ensure maximum grip and remove excess oil buildup from your skin.

Then you will need good pole dancing lessons either through a local pole dancing class or online pole dancing lessons.

Dancing lessons are designed and taught differently.  Some are geared for fitness with dance technique like ballet and others are more exotic with heels and stripping techniques.

Classes are also available for those who are more full figured and those who are already in good shape but want to take their fitness to a new level.

You have decided what you are looking to get out of your pole dancing lessons before you buy lessons online or through a local class.

Online pole dancing lessons are great because you can learn at your own pace and you don’t have to worry about feeling intimidated by your classmates. 

The trick is finding the right video lessons that suit your fitness level and your individual needs.

Video Lessons for beginners are available in video format and can be bought through a membership, found on YouTube, on DVD, or through a pole dancing studio.  They are perfect for learning how to pole dance at home.


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