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Many beginners struggle to learn how to pole dance at home because most of the lessons are real chopped up and divided on YouTube.  Most women spend lots of time guessing what move is best to learn next, they struggle to understand the names of each move so they can search for step by step lesson for beginners on how to do that move, and then later find out that they can do different moves but have no idea how to string them together in a routine.

Let’s face it, we are not all born dance choreographers so while it is fun to learn these individual pole dance moves, it’s getting them put together in a way so we can dance for a length of time that is the real challenge.  It is critical to keep your heart rate up and dance for at least 20 minutes if you intend on burning fat.

Learning how to pole dance by learning a dance routine is the best way for beginners to learn.  When you come upon a move you don’t understand in the choreography, then you can search for how to do that trick if the pole dancing lesson isn’t already provided.

Pole dancing at home can be a headache without a fun and flirty routine to get that heart rate up for a set period of time.  That’s where our online pole dancing lessons really shine. 

You can get started dancing routines right away so you can get back to having fun while burning those calories.  Sure you can learn other tricks and pole dance moves in other places, but ………..

If you are missing the “dance” in pole dancing then you are missing out on a lot!  In this pole dancing video lessons, I will show you how to dance : )

Here is a great video lessons for beginners, it’s a cute little pole dance routine:


Here is another mini pole dance routine tutorial video lessons to enjoy at home:


Hope you enjoyed it!

These are very basic and small sample pole dance routines you can do at home for a workout or for fun : )

If you would like full pole dance routines or pole dance routines ideas, you can get more here =>

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