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What Is The Best Pole Dancing Workout For Women To Burn Fat?

by | Nov 9, 2013 | 0 comments

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

With all the workouts on the market and all the advertisers pushing you to try this and try that while promising excellent results the entire time, it’s difficult to know what is the best workout for a woman to burn fat.

The truth is, what’s best for you is something that only you know.  The best workout will be centered around what you love to do and what you enjoy the most when moving your body throughout life.

Now that sounds a little confusing, but think about it for a minute.  What do you like to do what you are moving your body?  Do you like to take a bike ride?  Do you enjoy cleaning?  (Sounds weird but some people do!)

Do you naturally feel inspired to move your body when you hear good music?

Fat burning takes place when you are able to keep your body moving for a varied period of time.  Not only do you need a variable amount of time and intensity to burn calories, but you need it so your body will pull from fat stores rather than glucose (or possible whatever you ate for breakfast).

Let’s not forget the importance of a GOOD diet plan to shred fat because you can’t out work a bad diet!

I personally love music and I love to dance.  When I am dancing, I am having fun and I am not watching the clock. This allows me to exercise for a longer period of time with ease and varied intensities.

In fact the reverse happens!  When my dance class is over, I feel like I was only there five minutes and I still want more dancing! 

When this happens and time stands still, you have found what you love to do!

Find what you love to do, combine it with a pole exercise workout and you will have what you could call the best workout for women to burn fat.

For me it’s an exercise dance workout that shreds the fat.  Pole Dancing in particular is exactly what tones my body, gets my muscles firm and melts that fat away as if I was never trying.


The worst thing about a workout is that it feels like a workout.  Women in particular want to have fun.  We want to look good, feel sexy and confidentPole fitness dancing gives you all these benefits plus the fat burning.

Have you ever seen an overweight dancer?  No! That’s because they have tapped into their love for dance.   They have combined what they love with moving their body.  When this happens, you get in shape much quicker.

You don’t dread doing your workout and you don’t fight finding excuses to talk yourself out of (or into) your fat burning workout.  That’s one of the many reasons pole dancing is a good workout.

If you love dance and music like I do and you are naturally attracted to exercise dance workouts, then you will absolutely love pole dancing for exercise.

Get your pole dancing workout with a dance pole for home use today and experience what I feel is the best workout for women to burn fat!


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