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Diet Plans To Lose Weight With A Pole Dance Workout At Home

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When you first embark on a journey to get healthy and lose weight with a pole dance workout at home, starting by focusing on organizing a meal and pole dance workout plans is essential.  In order to do this the BEST way possible, I did it through experimenting on myself for a week.

I feel the best way for ANYBODY to get the perfect meal and workout plan that truly brings excellent results is achieved through experimenting on yourself for a week or two.  The reason is that nobody on the planet knows your body and your life like YOU DO.

Never rely solely on anybody to sell you a strictly rigid plan that everyone must follow.  YOU know best in the end.

Now, if you are one of the many people that feel confused about their body’s needs that’s ok, you probably just haven’t taken adequate time to understand yourself like most BUSY people do 🙂 – so let this be the year when you decide you are worth the extra time.

The best way to understand your body’s needs is to listen to your unique symptoms.

A failure to plan is planning to fail.  You must have some good goals, a good eating plan, and workout plan set in place if you want to succeed.  So please don’t sell yourself short here on this part.

Here is how you can experiment on yourself and form the perfect workout and meal plan tailored to you:

  1. Take a moment to reflect upon why you have failed in the past.  DON’T beat yourself up about it either.  Just take a look so you can plan to get around those obstacles in this year’s plan.  Many times our subconscious habits undermine our success because we don’t’ take the time to really understand them.
  2. When you begin to plan your diet and workout, do it WITH LOVE AND RESPECT for yourself and your own unique life.  There is no one plan that fits everybody.  So when you pick an eating plan or workout routine, do it out of love.  Pick a plan that actually tastes good, don’t deprive yourself.  Pick a workout you can do with a smile and enjoy, NOT one where you watch the clock and hope it’s over soon.
  3. Start small – don’t plan something so dang complicated that you give up because you have to implement too many changes at once.  Starting small gives you time to adjust your life and habits without getting overwhelmed.  Deeper, bigger, and better changes in your plan can come into play after you have stuck to a smaller easier plan for a few weeks.
  4. Pick SHORT workouts to do 3 times in the week during your experimentation.  Pick something you think you will like just above your current fitness level so you are challenged but not exhausted.  Here is how I started my pole dance training schedule >  I resumed two ballet classes a week, I did my short 3 minute morning workout on the days I did ballet, and I pole danced once by practicing 3-4 intermediate pole moves found in the online pole lessons ==>PoleBody Complete Home Edition for about 15-20 minutes.   Remember to Warm up before you practice your pole moves ( used the warm up routine #3 in the online pole lessons Home Edition) and remember to stretch when you are done (I used this whole body stretch in the pole lessons online Home Edition)  If you bought a dance pole kit with the online pole lessons for beginners, they don’t have the warm up routines like the PoleBody Complete Home Edition does, but you can do jumping jacks or squats for about 5 minutes to warm up. You can use this whole body stretch routine in the pole kit lessons to cool down.
  5. Pick a diet plan tailored to your personal needs and body.  Here is a great pole diet plan article that talks about how to do that.  I am currently using intermittent fasting combined with a modified Paleo type diet to lose fat quickly.  Here are the different meal plans I use with great success >
  6. Spend a week attempting to do you diet and workout.  If you fail, note why and consider the week a “practice run” to get a feel for yourself.  During this time you will learn your shortcoming and have time to adjust your schedule and meal plans to make sticking to your plans easier.  This is where your diet and meal plans become “tailored” to YOU and that’s what the ultimate goal is for the “practice week”.
  7. Shop for all the equipment and gear that will help you love what you are about to do AND make your journey easier.  If you are following me, you will need a dance pole for your home and preferably the PoleBody Complete Home Edition.  If you don’t have a pole, you can get a dance pole kit with pole dancing workout lessons for beginners and grip aid here == >    If you already have a pole in place, please get your pole cleaner, grip aids and your online video lessons set up to use.  If you don’t have pole clothing suitable for pole fitness, shop this week.
  8. And lastly, but very important, take measurements of your hips, thighs, waistline and any other body part you want to re-shape as well as before photos.  You can log your weight too, but I don’t.  When muscle replaces fat, the scale won’t reflect that change.  Plus, weighing myself makes me mentally stressed out so I gave up doing that a while back.

The biggest thing I have learned so far from my “practice week” is that I need to quick sources of protein on hand (because I get busy, then really hungry and don’t want to take the time to cook).  I also learned that carbs in the evening help me sleep better.  Better sleep gives me energy and motivation to workout in the morning.   Without good energy, everything in life falls apart for me.

These things seem like a No-Brainer but when life gets stressful and busy, we all forget the obvious.  Getting re-acquainted with the obvious things you need to be doing to care for your own health and wellness is the true path to genuine results in the end.

Please leave your comments and questions below 🙂


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