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Avoiding Negative Motivation To Lose Weight In A Pole Dance Workout At Home

by | Jan 19, 2017 | 2 comments

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2018)

We all know that when you set out to achieve a goal that in the beginning of your pole dancing workout plan – it’s a little easier.  In the beginning, you are so fed up with the problems you have experienced and in your mind, you will do just about anything to change it, hence the reason you set the goal in the first place.  For example, if your goal was weight loss, then you probably got very frustrated with a bulging belly or pants that don’t fit anymore and this PUSHED you to set the goal and make a change.

This is what I call “negative motivation” – Something negative that you hate motivated or PUSHED you to set the goal.  We all do it and probably shouldn’t.  Negative motivation is VERY stressful as well.

Negative Motivation is the #1 reason most people fail at goal setting (including New Year’s Resolutions) in my opinion.

Any action taken out of negativity or emotional pain is short lived.  As soon as the pain becomes lessened, the goal we originally set to achieve becomes less appealing.  In addition, when the pain of something else becomes stronger (like eating horrible tasting food on a diet plan) then we slowly start to give up on our original goal.

If you haven’t noticed this trend in your life yet, just watch, it’s there.  This is why every year we all have to set new fitness goals because we always seem to fall off track somewhere along the lines.

Avoiding negative motivation can keep you stay on track longer or just stay on track period!

This essentially means you need to be pulled by a positive vision, not pushed by pain.  You need to be loving where you are NOW as well as where your goal is taking you.  This concept will work on ANY goal.

A great way to change your negative motivations into positive ones is by finding healthy substitutes for things you don’t like subconsciously.  Here is a great article that will show you how, step by step =>

In this third week of achieving my Bikini Body for 2017, I had to change a few things so I ENJOYED them more.   I did more of the warm up dance routines in the PoleBody® Complete Edition Course because I enjoy dancing my way through a warm up as opposed to mountain climbers and abdominal crunches.  I continued my ballet exercises for strengthening the legs but decided to use modern pop music instead of classical ballet music from class.

I am still using the same workout and diet plan stated in the last article => organizing workout and meals plans with a pole dance workout at home with the exception of the minor changes stated above.

The biggest challenge is in my head to stay motivated, not in my workout.  I love my workout and my food tastes pretty good for the most part.  In my head, I have to work to stay positive and continue to make choices for positive reasons.  I (as well as many of us) am very habituated in being pushed by emotional pain.

Emotional pain stresses me out really bad and when that happens, I want to go take a bath, cry in a corner, or just feel like the world is caving in and I can’t handle it when I really can handle it and things are going well for me.  If you are a woman, you probably understand this all too well!  Haha!  We are such emotional critters.

Your mind can sour your attitude if you let it.  At this point in the game, it’s important to get a handle on what’s really stressing you out so you can feel better, feel more positive, and stay on track to get your 2017 bikini body!  It’s your time to fly!  Don’t get weighed down by negative thoughts or habits.  Use your pole dancing workout to learn to feel sexy and confident instead!

As always, make choices out of sheer love for yourself, not to gain the approval of others.  In the end, it is you that needs to be happy 🙂

I truly want to hear from you, please share this with your friends and leave a comment below 🙂


  1. Misty Morris

    I enjoyed the read! & I’m loving my journey!

    • Danna

      Thanks Misty!! <3


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