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pole exercise for how to lose weight pole dancingPole exercise is a total body transformational exercise when done with dance technique and most people want to get in the best shape of their lives so it’s no wonder that people want to know how to lose weight pole dancing.

What does it mean to use pole dancing for exercise?  Well there is a difference between just learning how to pole dance the traditional way and pole dancing for exercise.

Traditionally pole dancers have used spiky heels, boots with heels, very skimpy clothes and an overuse of sexuality to pole dance for enjoyment.  This form of artistic entertainment has been around for years.  Professional pole dancers use these traditional methods to entertain us with amazing pole tricks that most women can never fathom doing.

Pole exercise or “pole fitness dancing” is different than traditional pole dancing.

Pole dance for fitness brings in the professional elements of dance technique and structure.  The spiky and dangerous heels are not a priority and overuse of sexuality is frowned upon.

Losing weight in a pole fitness class is a true possibility because it’s a whole body workout when you try to learn how to pole dance.  Dance technique causes you to use muscles you normally don’t use.  The new muscles development burns more calories and shred the fat.

The exercise aspects of pole dancing are usable by all ages and all sexes, including males and females alike.

It has become a fun, engaging and challenging sport many love to watch, just like we love to watch dancers on a stage.

What are the main differences between the traditional pole dance world and the fitness pole dance world?

Here is a quick list:

  • Traditionally women wear heels.
  • Pole fitness uses bare feet or dance sandals.
  • Traditionally women wear offensively skimpy clothes.
  • Pole fitness incorporates yoga style clothes wear the entire upper body can be covered if desired.  Shorts have replaced cheeky panties.  Breathable exercise sports bras have replaced string bikini tops.
  • Traditionally women stripped for entertainment.
  • Pole fitness is exercise, there is no stripping.
  • Traditionally women use their sexuality to entertain.
  • Pole exercise doesn’t have to be sexual at all.  Sexuality is a light complement and style, not a necessity.
  • Traditionally women do highly advanced moves.
  • Pole exercise fitness is for the everyday woman.  Most women don’t have superhuman flexibility or strength to accomplish those super advanced moves.  Pole fitness dancing incorporates more pole dancing on lower levels.
  • Traditionally there is little to no “dance technique” or “dance training” in pole dancing.
  • Pole fitness incorporates the exercises a dancer uses to build muscular strength and proper form.
  • Traditionally you would be a woman and over 18.
  • Pole exercise is suitable for all ages and sexes.  There is even doubles pole dancing now.  For those of you who don’t know what doubles is, it’s when two people do a pole dance together.

Many women want to know how to lose weight pole dancing and wonder if it is even a reality.

The truth is, through pole exercise…  it is!

Exercise becomes addicting and something that’s easy to do when you love it!  Sounds so simple but it’s true.  Dancers love what they do so much that they can do it all day!

Exercise needs to be done for a lengthy time in order for the body to go into a fat burning mode.  If you love what you do so much, you will gladly do it for a lengthy period of time.  When this happens, the fat just falls off!

Learn how to lose weight pole dancing today with pole fitness dancing, the new pole exercise!



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