(Last Updated On: May 29, 2017)

It is a common concern for many women to want to know how to get fit for pole dancing as a way to prepare to take pole dancing classes or as a way trying to get into pole dancing.  When you look at pole dancers and see what awesome shape their bodies are in, most people feel intimidated by that and have the impulse to get in better shape before they attempt to pole dance on their own.

This thought process is a big misconception.  While there are exercise and other things you can do to improve your strength to dance on a pole, there is no reason a person couldn’t start dancing right away.

Most women who begin pole dancing are challenged to even do one pole up at first.  When this happens students commonly think that they will never really be able to be a exercise for pole dancinggood pole dancer and may want to give up.

The reality is that the very act of trying to dance on a pole is what gives you the strength to do it.  There is no “complete” way to mimic what the muscles in the body endure during a pole dance with a repetitive gym exercise so it’s important to remember to try the moves and spins.  That alone will get you fit for pole dancing by itself.  Pole dancing is pole exercise.

Wanting to learn how to get fit for pole dancing could be a hidden way of doubting yourself.

Another common misconception is that woman think they must be thin or at lease look somewhat sexy before they begin a pole class.  They doubt they are strong enough and they doubt they are sexy enough. This isn’t true.  That’s what pole dancing does is teach you how to feel sexy and get the fit body you desire and that is the only the beginning of how pole dancing is a great workout.

Pole exercise can get you into shape and help you lose weight, you don’t need to get fit and lose weight before you can dance.

On the flip side, there is nothing wrong with wanting to prepare your muscles ahead of time so you can do the moves better and faster.

Other ways to help get fit and build physical strength include pole dancing exercises like doing pull-ups on an exercise dance pole, push-ups on the floor, taking ballet classes to strengthen the shoulder muscles and learn proper form, as well as eating a clean diet to promote good muscle growth and fat loss.

A clean diet will consist of lean meats, lots of fruits and veggies, avoiding unnecessary sugar intake, and taking a good vitamin supplement.

Of all the items listed above, eating clean and taking ballet will help you the most.  At first glance, people think ballet is boring, but if done correctly, you can literally break a sweat standing at the bar.  Ballet uses every muscle in your body which will prepare you to be a better pole dancer.

Remember that burning fat and getting fit is a process.  Learning how to get fit for pole dancing will be an ongoing pursuit and a lifestyle, not a one-time event for quick results.

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