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Learning A Pole Dancing Workout At Home For Everyday Women

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Learning how to dance on a pole can seem very intimidating at first, but it is truly a blast and easier than you think.  At first glance, all those fancy pole tricks seem impossible for the average woman.  Most woman dream of having the kind of strength to hang upside down on a pole, but really think it’s not possible for them if they are older or overweight. Pole exercise is more their style.

On the flip side, some girls are the exact opposite.  Learning how to dance on a pole is intriguing and they somehow know they can learn to do those cool pole tricks someday.

Granted, it does take certain strength and a good level of fitness to do a lot of the pole moves, especially ones like the Superman (Superwoman), Butterfly Extended, and most other inverted poses.  I would be a total liar if I said every woman can pole dance in that way.

The truth is that EVERY woman can pole dance. She can do it for fitness, to lose weight, to cultivate inner feelings of confidence, or to simply learn how to connect to her feminine side and feel sexy.

The average woman can enjoy pole moves like the Fireman, Fireman Extended, Back Hooks, Knee Spins, Pole Sits and more.  The key is only pole dancing in ways that fit your fitness level and your body type.

  The biggest secret to learning how to dance on a pole is picking out the right pole dancing lessons for your pole dancing workout at home that match your fitness level and your personal goals.

Unless you are an aspiring professional pole dance competitor, there is really on the reason you need to learn any of those dangerous pole tricks.

Pole dancing for the average woman is a like any dance form in that you learn to feel the music (in a sexy way), you learn hip rolls, body rolls, how to dance on the floor during Floor Work as well as basic turns and spins that most any woman can enjoy.  While learning how to pole dance in this way through fun pole dance routines, the average everyday woman and mom will simultaneously get a pole dancing workout at home.  Any good  beginner pole dancing workout lessons will show you how to do this.

how to dance on a pole testTo test your fitness level for pole dancing, you will want to first try to hold your own body weight on the pole.  If you don’t have a pole, then grab a hold of a pull-up bar with a slight bend in the elbows and simply try to hold yourself there without falling.   You don’t need to be able to do one pull-up (although that would help you in a pole dancing class).  To start, you just need to be able to hold your own body weight so you can hang on the pole.

You will get stronger as you begin learning some basic and simple pole dance moves.  When those easy moves get easy to you, then you can graduate up to more intermediate dance movements.  Starting with pole dancing lessons for a full-figured woman is a great starting point for many people.

Just like any dance form, if you want to enjoy the beginner or intermediate levels of pole dancing for a lifetime, you can do that!  It will keep you active, fit, and in a healthy attitude.

So go ahead and dabble in learning how to dance on a pole for an amazing home pole dancing workout through some basic pole dance movements and add pole dancing to the list of things you do to care for yourself, get active, fit, and healthy.  Not only will doing this get you a more toned physique, it will give you the “me” time you crave and uplift your inner feminine spirits.



  1. Jack Woods

    I find this sexist and totally unacceptable
    I’m a people too

    • Danna

      Hi Jack, Im sorry you feel that way. Of course you are people too! : ) And you are more than welcome to give pole dancing a try. When our lessons were first launched, the focus was for everyday women (mom’s mostly) who wanted to get their sexy female energy back with a great workout. My intention was to never be sexist or make any claims that men could not participate, in fact if you read the blog, you will find articles that encourage men to pole dance too! Join the crowd and come right in, you are very welcome here : )

  2. Danielle Teter

    Brittany Jadick get a pole for the basement we’re gonna learn girl ??


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