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How to Do A Good Pole Dance | Tips To Get Better FAST

Learning how to do a good pole dance requires an understanding of the basics of proper dance technique, good musical timing, as well as an attuned ability to express yourself through your bodily movements.  There are many tips and tricks you can follow as a beginner, intermediate, or even advanced pole dancer to get better at your pole dancing routines and individual moves.

Almost anybody can learn to dance on a pole but not everybody looks absolutely exotic or enticing when they do it.

When you first learn to pole dance, it’s important to get rid of internal emotional insecurities about how you look and learn to feel sexy and confident. Even the skinniest girl might think she is fat. When you try to move your body in sexy ways, any negative emotional feelings you have about yourself will hinder you when trying to learn how to do a good pole dance.

pole dancing lessons ebook for beginnersAs time passes you must learn to first be comfortable with whom you are as a woman and learn to love your body.  This develops an internal confidence in the way you move your body and this will naturally make you look better on the dance floor.

You also need to learn basic dance fundamentals.  Some good tips are always pointed your toes and when you do point your toes, don’t sickle the foot.  Keep the hips tucked under, even in the middle of a spin.  Always make sure your shoulders are back and down and don’t create ugly lines by allowing your elbows or knees to hyper extend.  There are many other tips to get better at pole dancing fast, you just need a little professional education that every day, average dancers can use in seconds!

Dance is all about creating lines with your body with proper posture and good dance technique.  Learn to do this and you will instantly know how to do a good pole dance.

Ballet or Jazz is a great dance class to teach you about lines in the body and how to carry yourself as a dancer.   If you don’t have any dance experience and need help with your dance technique, you can read this blog post below for all the juicy detailed tips:

Good musical timing is a must.  Every viewer can hear the beat and feels the music just like you can.  You must move your body to the music in a way that expresses what the how to do a good pole dancemusic is saying.  This is entertaining for the viewer.

To do this you must internally and emotionally connect to your music and express that feeling of connection through the movements in your pole dancing routine, especially if you are creating your pole dance routine.  Take some time to think about what the music means to you and how you can create shapes that express that in your dance.

Once you have a good pole dance routine down, you can then tie all this together by putting your heart into your pole dance and being as expressive and genuine as you can.  You must disconnect from any negative feelings that you can’t do it and entertain the feeling of confidence and sensuality.

Everyone feels awkward when they first get into pole dancing and start to learn how to do a good pole dance however you must keep going and practicing to be really good at it.

Not a born choreographer?

You can get several different fun per-choreographed pole dance routine to fun music to practice at home here =>


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