(Last Updated On: May 29, 2017)

Learning how to get into pole dancing is a common question among women these days because we are all learning that pole dancing is the best workout for women to get toned, burn fat, and uplift and nurture their feminine spirits.

How to get into pole dancing really depends on your personality type, your time schedule, your current confidence level, and of course, your current fitness level.

The most common ways people learn to pole dance at home are by taking a local pole dancing class, taking online lessons, getting DVD’s, or joining a membership area where you can get private lessons.

First off, most women have a tendency to feel insecure learning to feel sexy in front of other women.  If this sounds like you, then consider starting out learning how to pole dance at home.

If you have access to local classes and you feel comfortable learning with others, taking a local pole dancing class will give you some personal interaction with a teacher where they can give you good corrections.  You can also get a bonding experience with the other women in class if they aren’t pole bullies.

how to get into pole dancingIf you would rather take lessons online, then deciding the types of pole dancing you want to learn is your next question to answer.  Are you dancing for fitness? Or do you want to just learn how to dance in an exotic way for fun?

Pole dancing lessons are created for different reasons.  You can get lessons that are performed in high heels and use heavy sexuality in the expressiveness of the dance also known as erotic pole dance.

Or, you can get lessons that are fitness oriented.  You will get muscle toning exercises and the dancing you do on a pole will still be sexy, but it most likely will not be in heels.  Exercising in heels is not healthy for your body or back.

Some other things to consider when understanding how to get into pole dancing is your current fitness level.

Are you overweight?  You can learn how to lose weight pole dancing in the right kind of online lessons as well. 

If you are able to do one or more pull ups and you have been exercising regularly, then beginner level pole dance lessons will suit you just fine.  You will be able to move into the intermediate levels as soon as your grip strength improves.

If you cannot do a pull up (which is common don’t worry) then you will want to find a pole class that is geared for full-figured women or has a portion of the lesson set aside for muscle building exercises.  You can start in a beginner class; however, you may remain in the beginner phase for a long while until your fitness level improves …. And it will!

Once you have decided on what kind of pole dancing lessons to take, then you may or may not need a dance pole for your home? 

If you need one because you decided to dance at home, then be sure to get a good quality spinning dance pole.  There are dangerous dance poles out there and you don’t want to injure yourself by getting an unsafe one.

Getting some nice grip aid when you are learning beginner pole dance moves is another great asset.  It will help you dance while your grip gets stronger.

Now that you know how to get into pole dancing, the next step is making a decision and taking action.  Pole dancing for exercise will improve your mood, your energy, and your health!

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