(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

If you think that pole fitness dancing is for skinny chicks think again.  Plus Size woman can pole dance too! They don’t say that pole dancing is a great form of exercise so that the skinnier can get skinnier.  Pole fitness dancing when you are plus size or overweight is perfectly fine.  It is a great way for any woman to gain confidence and learn how to pole dance regardless of your size.

True, people who are already in better shape do have some advantages.  However, it’s all relative to your own ability to hold your own body weight.  Not every skinny girl can do one pull on a pole.  In fact, most girls can’t hold their own body weight in the beginning pole fitness classes regardless of size.  It is something you have to work into.  It takes time to develop the muscles and grip you need to hold yourself on the pole.

Do you think you are too weak for pole dancing because you are overweight? Well that may not be true at all!  Heavier girls sometimes have a lot of muscle in comparison to skinnier girls.  This makes them strong in their ability to hold their own weight.  Granted, there is more weight to hold but you can see that it’s still all relative to your ability to hold yourself up.  You don’t need to have a low body fat percentage to be able to pole dance.

What do you need to start pole dancing fitness dancing and get a pole dancers body

Here are some important tips for Plus Size Men and Women:

  • Courage: you get more confident and sexy by trying to pole dance.  The very act of it allows you to practice loving your body and moving in sexy ways.  Just like any other sport, practice makes perfect.
  • Willingness:  to learn, to grow in your ability to feel comfortable with yourself, and to become stronger over time.
  • Strength: pole isn’t for the weak of heart.  There are bruises, bumps, and slips.  At first, it seems impossible to do the most basic pole spin, especially when you are waiting for your muscles in your hands and arms to support your own body weight.  EVERY girls struggles with this regardless of their size.  And it isn’t just physical strength you need either, its mental strength.  You are challenged to believe in yourself and become sexy in front of other people in class who may automatically dance better than you.
  • Plus Size Pole Dancing Classes:  Not a lot of studios offer plus size pole dancing classes, what you are looking for is classes that are ultra basic.   You see, most “beginners” pole dancing lessons are not truly beginner for a plus size girl or even the AVERAGE everyday American.  Try to find more ultra basic classes so you don’t feel discouraged in a public class.   And when you do go to class, remember, ever the skinny girls think they are too fat to pole dance.  I promise you are not alone.   If you want some online pole dancing lessons you can do at home to get started, there are Ultra Basic pole dancing routines and step lessons in the PoleBody® Complete Home Edition Pole Lesson Course.

Pole Class can be a healthy environment for your attitude as well.   Most girls who come in don’t feel sexy and they are afraid of being seen.  Dancing in a class with other women who feel the same way and are trying to overcome the same insecurities helps you get passed this issue.  Other girls in class become like family and you find yourself supporting each other in your efforts to become an empowered woman.

The biggest mistake most girls make is that they think they need to feel sexy before coming to a pole dancing class and this isn’t’ true at all.

Whether you are a big or small girl, pole fitness dancing is for you if you desire to feel confident and sexy.

Give It a Try!  What have you got to lose…. besides maybe some extra pounds : )

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