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How Often Should You Practice Pole Fitness Dancing?

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(Last Updated On: September 5, 2023)

I believe each one of us was given different gifts when we were born and this really affect how often you should practice pole dancing. Should it be once a week, twice a week, or more? Some are gifted with arts, music, athleticism, and the list goes on. However, mastering a skill requires hard work and effort, for some the work will be harder than for others who were born with more talented dance skills.  Regardless of you level of fitness and born talents, it will take patience and perseverance if you want to become better in what you do.

Pole fitness dancing is no exception. As a dance, a workout, and an art where grace and a required skill meets you need hours and hours of practice to improve at pole dancing. So if you are asking the question  “how often should you practice pole dancing”? or “how to get good at pole dancing fast”? this article is for you.

But What Is Pole Fitness Dancing?

Pole dancing fitness combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole, done in a graceful and flowing movement. It requires your upper body strength, endurance as well as flexibility.

Pole fitness is the result of the evolution of pole dancing from being known just for strip tease & clubs it is now being done as a workout, which gives you a lot of benefits such as: toned body/muscles, increased upper body strength, improved flexibility, and many more making you more fit and sexy giving you more confidence as a woman.

Some of the fastest and best pole dance body transformations happen with a good quality training schedule.

How to make the best pole dance training schedule?

This will be largely dependent on the level you are currently at; a pole dancing training schedule may vary for the newbie or beginner, the average or intermediate and the advanced. Other things to be given much consideration are your*

Purpose of training– this is kind of related to your level, here you should ask yourself “What do I want to achieve in training”? Are you preparing for a competition or you just want to improve and get good at pole dancing fast?

Health & physical limitations– do you have health issues? What are you not allowed to do? Can your body handle rigorous training? These are some of the questions you might want to answer first. It would be best to consult your Doctor if you are currently taking maintenance meds or something. Expert’s advice is always of much value.

Daily routine &schedule– what does your schedule look like? are you working? Studying? Stay at home mom? Do you do pole fitness dancing at home or outside in local pole dance classes? How much time can you allot for your weekly pole dance practice?

After answering the above questions we can now move on to practical tips and help for your pole dance training schedule.   You can also see some pole dancing body before and after pictures here =>

How many times a week should you train, twice a week?

Tips For Beginner Pole Dancers:

Whether you got curious and clicked that page about pole dancing, or a friend highly recommend you to try, or you’ve wanting to try and climb that pole for a long time and you are finally taking your chance you are in for a great adventure! Since you are just starting a new routine I would recommend you begin with a simple 30 minutes- 1 hour once a week pole dance workout.  If you are already physically active you will most likely be able to train twice a week.    Also remember this is NEW for your body so give it time to adjust.  Beginner pole dancers are often more fatigued and sore in the beginning learning phases and extra time is needed for muscle recovery.

Tips For Intermediate Pole Dancers:

By this time you are already able to do the basic moves and routine and is most likely wanting to improve your skills to the next level.  A good 30 minutes to an hour pole dance workout twice every week training schedule will be just fine. By this time your body has already adjusted to your new routine.  Intermediates often run the risk of pushing their bodies too hard because you know how fun the pole moves are and the eagerness to get better at more advanced inverting moves too quickly when their body is not prepared for it can cause them to accidentally over-do it, hence causing shoulder, muscle, or rib injuries.    Don’t fall pray to this mentality.  As much as you want to be better at pole dancing as fast as you can you should also consider the importance of resting your body, taking care of it by eating right and getting enough sleep before your scheduled training time. You might be looking like one, but you are not Wonder Woman! You need to get much needed rest and not overdo it.   This is also a good time to invest in a good quality pole dance crash mat.

Tips For Advanced Pole Dancer:

Hours and hours of hard work in training have paid off and now you are at the advanced level!  Now it is safe to aim for a 30 minutes to an hour 3 times per week of pole dance training! By now you might have already invested in your own personal dance pole for home use (if not yet, it’s high time to do so).   Bringing extra focus to your flexibility to paramount in your training as well as sharpening your choreographing skills to create your own pole dance routine.    You can use your “off days” to create new pole routine on paper and stretch out sore muscles.  You will want to up your game and do the more challenging tricks (hip locks, inverts and more aerial moves) by this time so you might also want to do a more challenging warm up and conditioning routines as well.


Best Clothing For Pole Dance Fitness Workouts

The clothing you choose in your weekly pole dancing practice will vary depending on your fitness level.    A fun and flirty pair of leggings are great for warm ups and stretching as they help warm up the muscles before your workout quicker.   Warmer muscles mean better flexibility and less chance of injury.

While practicing individual pole dance moves and choreographed pole dance routines, beginners will simply need a supportive bra top that can cover the tummy or abdominal area with a good pair of shorts that leave the inner thigh skin visible.   If you are insecure about baring your mid-section, consider using high waisted empire booty shorts that cover the tummy, but still bare some skin on your middle section.

There are also pole dancing shorts that have a slight tack and help you grip the pole as well – great for all levels, but especially for beginners.

As you get better at pole dancing, you will need to practice more intermediate or advance pole dance moves like inverting.   These  moves require the use of the abdominal skin for best safety and simply wearing a good bra top and booty shorts are perfect.

For advanced levels (or for fun at all levels) you can wear some cheeky pole fitness shorts. By revealing a little butt cheeky you can get an extra grip on the dance pole in certain moves.   Plus they are a more simple and practical way of practicing at home.   You can buy dozens of them in various colors and really have some serious fun while you practice at home!    For a bra top, well really, any exercise fitness bra top will do that make you feel comfortable.

If you want some fun and fashionable home pole fitness clothing to play with, you can get it here =>

How To Get Good At Pole Dancing FAST

There are several tip you can implement to get better at pole dancing FAST.   The primary ways to get better at pole dancing the quickest are:

Learn Better Dance Technique

The number one thing you can do to get better fast is focus on proper dance technique (with a ballet foundation)  Not sure where to start?  There are plenty of free articles in our blog under “dance technique” found here =>

Bring a Sharper focus to Flexibility

With greater flexibility you can execute more advanced moves, but mainly, you can execute pole moves you already know how to do in perfect form with more stretched extensions in the arms and legs allowing for prettier lines in the body while holding the pole move.   Here is an article about the top tips to improve your flexibility (even if you think you are too old) =>

Get A Better Grip On The Dance Pole

By doing this, it will allow you mind to relax away from the fear of slipping and allow your energy to be redirected to hold your moves longer with better body form (which is more difficult than “slopping” your way through the move).   Here is a great article that goes into detail about how to get a better grip on the pole =>

Pole Dance Recovery & Rest

I have already mentioned the importance of rest to your body, this is for the purpose of recovery. Say you didn’t get a good 8-10 hours of sleep before your pole dance fitness workout, then don’t expect that you will be able to maximize your workout plan that day. Full rest of 1-2 full days per week is also advisable as you want your body to recover after training and be ready again for your next training schedule.

Epsom Salt baths are excellent to work through sore muscles.    Simply pour 2-3 cups into you bath and relax for a minimum of 20 minutes the same day (in the evening time) of your strenuous workout.

Nutrition is also very important for recovery.   You body needs a good source of vitamins, greens, minerals, and other nutritious supplements to build stronger muscles tissues, recover from stressful cortisol, and shed excess body fat.   The right diet plan can really help you lose weight and speed up recover times.

Don’t rush things. It will happen in time. Take it step by step with determination, perseverance, precaution, right amount of passion and energy and see yourself transform into the best pole dancer that you can be. Take care of your health while doing it by eating right and taking care of your soul as well.


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