A woman learning how to do the superman pole dance at home.
(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)

In this video post, you will learn how to do the superman (or superwoman as some call it) pole dance move from home step by step.

This tutorial video will walk you through how to do this move step by step.

You may need a crash mat and if you don’t have one, please be sure to read about how to pole dance safely without a spotter first before attempting this pole dancing lessons below.



If you find that you would feel more comfortable with a crash mat (and many beginner pole dancers do) then you can read the article below about how to find the best pole dance crash mat for you : )

The superman pole dancing move is one of the most common and beautiful pole dance moves.   If you find that you are not flexible enough to get through this pole dancing lesson, then you can find more information on how to increase your flexibility for more advanced pole dancing moves here:

As always, please let me know how you are progressing and share you experience in the comments below : )  I would love to hear form you.

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