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Life Changing Way To Feel Confident While Pole Dancing For a Workout

by | Aug 31, 2015 | 3 comments

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Pole dancing for a workout has a way of putting the pressure on a woman to feel sexy. Just looking at a stripper pole make many women feel inadequate. Some people won’t even try pole fitness dancing because they don’t think they are sexy or strong enough. Those negative feeling toward their bodies prevents them from experiencing a workout for women that is truly life transforming.

In many ways, our culture teaches us that we are not allowed to love our bodies or even like ourselves unless meeting certain beauty standards. Are you thin enough? Do you have beautiful eyes? Are your legs toned? And the list goes on and on.

Beauty has a definition in our USA culture and the definition is largely decided by what you see on the front of popular women’s magazines. Basically, if you aren’t thin, sleek, and toned, well then that’s not sexy. I beg to differ.

Should we let our self-worth as a woman be based on these per-determined ideas of what “beautiful” is? Do we FIRST need to be beautiful (by our culture’s standards) BEFORE we can feel sexy? Or before we can feel confident? Or before we can say “I love myself”? Why should predetermined rules (that someone else made up) about what “beautiful” is be the FINAL and DETERMINING factor in whether I (as a woman) get to feel good about myself when I am pole dancing for a workout? It shouldn’t.

The fact remains that even if you read this and agree with me, the next time we walk by a mirror, those thoughts telling us how we should have thinner thighs, longer legs, less body fat and so on will be right there in our minds to deal with…. Plaguing us with negativity and furthermore making it harder to actually feel good about ourselves. How can we overcome this?

We won’t be overcoming our weight problems or getting the body of a pole dancer tomorrow. Reshaping the body takes time. So the question remains, how can we feel good, sexy, and confident NOW while we are working towards our pole dancing fitness goals?

Simple.   Yup, I said simple.

  1. Remember that the rules of beauty are determined by someone or something OUTSIDE you.
  2. Get brutally honest with yourself and ask yourself how true those “rules of what makes a person beautiful” is true for you. What is beautiful to YOU? Answer that question honestly without the influence of what our society says beauty is supposed to look like. If you have a problem answering this, envision you have a daughter, what would you tell her is beautiful? What is truly beautiful is only a concept of YOUR mind and soul.
  3. Find the beauty you have right now in this moment and focus on that now. Is your skin soft? Can you see clearly? Do you have both your arms and both your legs? Do you like your eyelashes? Pinpoint the best parts of your body that you feel are beautiful RIGHT NOW.
  4. Allow yourself to sit with those beautiful thoughts of yourself for a moment every morning. FEEL IT! FEEL the appreciation and beauty that you already possess. If it’s your skin you love, run your hand down your leg and enjoy and appreciate how that FEELS. If may be only a few things you can find at first, but that’s ok.
  5. HERE IS THE GAME CHANGER: Connecting with the energy that you have and are beautiful IN THIS MOMENT in some way will allow you to feel beautiful right here and now. Feeling beautiful right here and now will open the door for you to see MORE things that are beautiful that you didn’t notice before; things you took for granted because you were too busy focusing on all the things you hated about yourself.

Now that you feel beautiful to go get on that home pole dancing pole and carry this positive energy of beauty into your pole dancing workout.

Life can be short! If you were to die next week, would it be worth agonizing over that cellulite?

Pole Dance and enjoy it now! Enjoy the feminine movements of the pole dancing workout routine and feel good now! Feel sexy NOW. Feeling Sexy and Confident is a choice you make, not something granted to you after you match our culture’s standards for beauty. Now is all you really have. There is no guarantee of what tomorrow will bring.

If you don’t take steps to make your NOW moments beautiful, then you will weave a life of misery for yourself.

I am not saying to give up on your clean dietary eating and stop trying to tone your body. Don’t abandon your fitness and health goals. Those are a way you love yourself as well, by taking care of your body.

BUT!! DO remember that you are beautiful RIGHT NOW in some way and you have a choice to connect and focus on that instead.

You are the pioneer and lighthouse of your existence here on Planet Earth. Don’t waste your time hating your body in the moment because it doesn’t look like a cover model.  Learning to pole dance at home can be the most rewarding and exhilarating workout if you LET IT be.

Have a Blessed Day; treat yourself well and with respect. Don’t let bad emotions win and stand of for what is positively working in your life today 🙂


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