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Tapping The Power Of Feeling Sexy On A Dance Pole | Getting Comfortable In Your Own Skin

There are two types of powers or currency in this world > Sex and Money.  One of the biggest underlying reasons all woman are so driven to feel sexy, have a beautiful body, and be as fit as possible is because of this underlying power that sex gives a woman in this world.  We don’t talk about this much, but it’s a VERY important concept to truly understand on a deeper level if you ever really want to feel comfortable and sexy your own skin.

During a recent sexual encounter, I was told: “you’re actually comfortable with your body, it’s nice to be with someone who isn’t’ insecure about the way they look”.  My response was “well that’s what I do, teach a woman to feel confident and sexy in their body, I would be the world’s biggest hypocrite if I didn’t actually feel that way about myself”.  And then I started thinking…… Gee, I never really talk at great length about this with my fans.  That was by far the best compliment I have ever received from a man.

And THIS IS the most important part of learning to pole dance for fitness. 

pole dancing for fitness at homeSure it’s the best workout, sure it’s a lot of fun, sure pole dancing can make your body look toned and fit, HOWEVER, above all that, pole dancing has the power to re-shape the way you ACTUALLY feel about your body when you are naked.  It has the power to re-shape your attitude into feeling comfortable in your own skin and a powerful, confident woman – IF you allow it to happen.

The reason I haven’t talked about it much is that it’s a sexual topic and feels a bit taboo, especially when I am trying to send a message that pole dancing is for fitness at home and keep things “clean” for the everyday woman.  Pole dancing isn’t a trashy stripper thing to me, but there is no denying that it has sexual undertones and influences that really attract women to it, even if it’s a purely subconscious attraction.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel and look your best while you are dancing on your dance pole at home.

ALL women are sexual in nature.  We all want to feel in control, pampered, cared for, sexy, REALLY SEXY, and confident.  We want to make heads turn.  It’s the world we live in.  The reason sex is a powerful currency is that we all want it.  Anything that the majority of people want will cause people to pay for it and flock to it subconsciously and that’s powerful.

So where do woman stand to gain and improve knowing about sex as a power?

The first steps are to embrace the attitude that it’s ok to be sexual.  Allow yourself permission to love your body, even if it’s not perfect because IT’S YOUR BODY.  You only have one body and it deserves love, kindness, and tenderness even if it doesn’t look like a perfect supermodel.

At some point to really feel comfortable with your body on the inside, you have to strip away those internal thoughts that tell you that you are not sexy right now.  For example:  if you were to reflect inward and attempt to feel sexy while you are pole dancing, you may hear in your mind that you need to get rid of that cellulite on your thighs and THEN you will be sexy.  When this happens, don’t deny that thought, it’s a genuine point of view that you have.  The trick is to see that thought, allow it to be a point of view that you have, let it go and remember that you don’t have to believe every thought you have as truth right now.

You can still CHOOSE to feel sexy ANYWAY right now, even if your thoughts disagree.

Your internal thoughts are not the final decision on how you get to feel about yourself.  Learning to hear and see your thoughts, but not necessarily buy into them as the truth in the now moment is a critical practice to master.

This takes time.  So if you attempt to practice this and end up feeling like it’s not working right away, don’t be surprised.

You have believed those negative thoughts in your mind, messages sent in the media, and viewing pictures of supermodels for years.  Undoing these subconscious thoughts are a process and practice that will be perfected in time.

I didn’t’ wake up and decide I was going to feel sexy and then it just happened.  I had to KEEP DECIDING to feel sexy every day.


feeling sexy on a dance pole

Here is a secret I have NEVER told anybody before.

I didn’t get the beautiful body I have now BEFORE I felt sexy on the inside.  I got the body of a pole dancer and became toned and sexy AFTER I decided I felt sexy.

I honestly feel that the biggest block to actually getting the body of our dreams and actually feeling comfortable in our own skin is our own mind.

Once you get through those blocks in your mind, you will find yourself more committed to your workouts and more willing to eat healthier.  Your won’t be fighting or pushing yourself anymore.  When stop fighting with you on the inside, the perfect dream body just naturally falls into place.

Your dream body is a result AND EFFECT of what you think on the inside. 

Getting a dream body won’t make you feel anymore sexy than you do right now.  That’s a lie a culture has duped us into believing as a means to increase profit margins by selling you the next best diet pill or eating plan.  I have confirmed this truth in my own pole dancing classes.  There have been many beautiful women who come to class and they hate their bodies and appearances just as much as the girl who is 50lbs overweight.

It’s time for a change; it’s time to change on the inside FIRST.  Your body will come in alignment with that as you shift on the inside.

That is my message to you today.

That is the message I want you to remember when you are doing your pole dancing workouts.

Be beauty now, it’s who you are……..

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  2. Crystal

    I definitely needed this today! The self concious demons are pushing hard. Searching for articles just like this. Thank you for taking the time to write it.


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