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How To Get A Pole Dancers Body

by | Dec 13, 2013 | 3 comments

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A dancer’s body is one of the most coveting items by men and women alike.  We all want those long, lean, toned bodies of a dancer.   The body of a pole dancer and the body of a ballet dancer have slight differences, but how they both got the body they have is quite similar.

To fully understand how to get the pole dancers body, it would first be wisdom to understand how dancer’s, in general, go about losing weight, building muscle, and training the body to move in certain ways.

First, note that when you look at your average woman, even though she may be skinny, it doesn’t mean that she has the body of a dancer.  She may not be toned and therefore you cannot see the lines of the muscular structure underneath her skin.

Skinniness, in general, doesn’t equal a pole dancer’s body. 

So what does?

The secret to understanding how to get a pole dancers body is understanding human adaptability.

Humans always have been and always will be adaptable creatures.  Whatever daily demands are placed on the body, the body will react by compensating to handle them.  When those demands are too much, then injury or illness ensues.

If you think of a rock climber, they usually have very strong upper body muscles.  That’s because they are using their arms to pull upward and climb things like cliffs.

In the same way, when a woman is dancing on a pole, her body will adjust by gaining flexible muscle to perform the moves she is trying to do.

There are pole dancing exercises you can do to promote your body to adjust faster so that a dancer could execute the pole dance moves sooner, however, nothing really causes the body to adapt and reshape quite like dancing itself.

Ballet dancers spend time at the barre, training their bodies to move in certain ways.  These ways of moving are not naturally performed in the body.  Things like walking and running come naturally, but ballet dancing uses muscles that aren’t normally used in daily life.

Dancers work to cause the hips to turn out, to align the bones, to point the toes in very specific ways, and to be more flexible in specific muscle groups.  By doing this, a dancer gets better extensions in the legs and learns to move in a way that creates long lines for the viewer in the audience.

As time passes and more time is spent dancing and training, the body adapts and “reshapes” to accommodate those regular demands.body of a pole dancer

Getting a pole dancer’s body isn’t really a huge secret.  While there are nutritional elements to consider for athletes, the majority of the reason dancers look the way they do is simply because they spend regular amounts of time dancing and their bodies have adapted.

Once it adapts it affects their regular life.  For example, dancers walk differently.  In class, they learn to keep the hips under and neutral.   When they are out walking around, this same rule is applied.

Dancing isn’t like going to the gym where you can perform certain exercises and then forget about them until you go back to the gym again.

Dancer’s LIVE what they learn.  Those hips are tucked under in a neutral position while they are pushing the shopping cart through the grocery store!  It’s a lifestyle!  It’s a regular demand placed on the body.  Not a one-time exercise, not a one-time fix and definitely not something you get to do for a few months and then quit. 

If you want to truly understand how to get a pole dancers body, then you must commit to a pole dancing lifestyle.  Never give up your pole dancing classes and always keep going.

If you would like a wonderful little Vbook that will show you the specific dance exercises broken down into easy step by step instructions along with diet tips and pole dance routines you could do at home to get a toned, sleek body then click here to download now.



  1. Nikki Faye-Marie Stacy

    Bust your ass learning pole moves. And not all pole bodies are lean and muscled, it’s what you make of your pole journey.

    • Krys Emm

      Nikki Faye-Marie Stacy exactly

    • Nikki Faye-Marie Stacy

      Krys Emm Im a fluffy bitch, so it took me a while to realize I didn’t have to look all sleek and pretty to have a pole body. One day though, ima get there. Goals ?


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