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Where To Take Pole Dancing Lessons

by | Nov 25, 2013 | 2 comments

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

It is a common question as to where to take pole dancing lessons and what lessons are best.  Whether you are experienced or new to pole dancing class,  these wonderful tips will help you get into pole dancing or find pole dancing lessons after you have already started learning.

There are two ways to take pole dancing lessons and that is through a local pole dance class in your area or through online pole dancing lessons.

Taking a local class is a good way to test pole dancing to see if it is something you would like to do as part of your fat burning workout.  However, many women are intimidated when trying to learn how to dance sexy and be confident in front of other women.  It can be an awkward experience.where to take pole dancing lessons

If being intimidated isn’t a problem and your time schedule permits, then going to a pole dancing class in your town is a way to get the best experience.

Online pole dancing lessons can be done through a membership site (some of these have one on one coaching) and you can get lessons on DVD’s as well.

DVD instruction is limited in that you don’t get the personal experience from the teacher and there are only a couple lessons available on each DVD due to a DVD’s limited disc storage capacity.

An online pole membership can have endless numbers of video tutorials available along with guidance from the teacher either through Skype or emails in the event that you have questions.  Also, most memberships always add new things like dance routines and pole moves monthly so you never get bored. Plus you can always grow into more advanced moves as your fitness levels allow.

Another tip to help you decide where to take pole dancing lessons is to first understand what you expect to get out of pole dancing class, or your pole dancing workout at home. 

There are lessons that are designed for exercise purposes for the everyday woman, lessons for the aspiring pole pro with advanced contortion moves, lessons for sexuality like dancing in heels, and so on.

Pole dancing for fitness is the main reason most women want to take lessons or classes.  It is the best pole dancing workout for a woman to burn fat hands down, it’s no wonder it is so popular!  The benefits are not limited to a toned body either.  Other benefits include developing a stronger inner self-confidence and a better connection to feminine power and sexuality.

When looking for online pole dancing lessons for exercise, look for a teacher who doesn’t use heels, who promotes good posture and dance technique.   Possibly get a teacher who understands what it’s like to be overweight or self-conscious.  A teacher who has overcome those things can help you do the same.

Lessons inspired by good dance technique will be built around good posture and form and that’s what you want to prevent injury and develop the fit body of a dancer.  Many women want to know how to get a pole dancers body and one of the top secrets is by taking good lessons with good form and technique.

So if you want to learn how to get into pole dancing and discover where to take pole dancing classes, try researching some good online pole dancing lessons and get started dancing at home today.


  1. Wendy

    Wow! this what i’ve been looking for, i am a stay home mom, love blogging and i was thinking ways of getting fit, i am not a fan of running and lifting weight, so i love the idea on Yoga or Pole dancing, funny enough me and my friend were looking for Pole dancing classes and found some but they were way too far from where we live, great to know that it can be done in the comfort of your own home which is good, i guess you will have to a pole fitted then. The question is now… can you really learn from a dvd or online without any previous experience? that’s my concern.

    • admin

      Yes you can, in fact it isn’t just the world of pole that learns cool dance techniques from videos, is other dance forms like ballet, hip-hop, contemporary and more! I think getting personal one-on-one training is best but when you can’t get that, online lessons are a healthy and convenient alternative.

      It is important to pick pole lessons for YOUR fitness and dance level. If you get something that is too advanced for you then it’s unsafe and you may get discouraged quickly. There are fundamental and basic techniques in which all dance movement is built upon. If you have no experience it is best to start at the beginning and learn those basics before getting into other advanced dance forms. Doing this will change the way you move your body and that will naturally cause a reshaping of how your body looks. Essentially, that’s the secret to getting the body of a dancer is learning to move like a dance and engage your muscles the way a dancer would.


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