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Top 10 Tips For Beginner Pole Dancers | Full Guide

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There are plenty of pole dancing tips for beginners. Here we are going to review the top 10 Tips For Beginner Pole Dancers, e.g. pole dancing beginner lessons.

Top 10 tips for beginner pole dancers;

  1. Home pole setup
  2. Dual function pole preferred
  3. Focus on upper body and core strength 
  4. Skin grip technique 
  5. Online and physical pole lessons
  6. Consider crash mat for safety
  7. Grip aid for better grip
  8. Document your progress
  9. Prepare for spinning and dizziness 
  10. Join pole dance community

Pole dancing or pole fitness is an amazing and exciting experience that can completely change your life. Both women and men are more and more benefiting from this great exercise. It is a form of physical activity that enhances your body strength as well as your mind. Ask any poler around you and they will explain it to you.

Is pole dancing dangerous? Similar to most sports, pole dancing is not exception and it has in own series of common injuries, such as skin burns, calluses and the risk of falling; although all these risks has some solutions such as crash mat to lower the risk of falling or grip aid to prevent skin burns.

Pole dancing is an exercise that is best to know and study before you dive into it. Here we are going to review the Top 10 tips to consider for beginner pole dancers as well as learn how to pole dance for beginners.

pole dancing tips how to choose the best dance poles for home or fitness use for sale1. Home Pole Setup

Portable dance poles are the best and easiest answer to owning a pole.

One of the main pole dancing beginner tips is to install a pole at your home. Owning a dance pole has never been easier. It is easy to purchase, easy to install and easy to maintain. Of course you can always use the dance pole in the studio. However, considering how easy it is to own a pole and its benefits; you should definitely consider owning your own pole.

Check out our new blog on What Pole Is Best For Pole Dancing? Static | Spinning | Dual Function, to help you identify the right choice of dance pole.

Set up a home pole space to supplement your in studio classes. This will accelerate your progress and training frequency. You can learn from online lessons just as easy these days especially with a home set up. If you live in a rented home or do not have a suitable ceiling or floor for installing a friction fit pole, there are alternative options like the freestanding stage pole. Find good sources to research more about what works for you.

If you have limited budget then I highly recommend to you to check out our Affordable Dance Pole Blog.

A girl spinning on a spin pole2. Dual Function Pole Preferred

Dual function poles (Poles that can switch between spinning and static modes) are the ultimate answer for beginner pole fitness. 

It is known that static poles are the right way for beginners to learn pole dancing. However, there are many beginner pole dancers out there who prefer spinning pole. Ultimately, there are some beginner moves that are better to learn on static pole and some other on spinning.

The best answer to this question is dual function poles. These are poles that can be set in either mode based on your need. And the switch between the modes are as easy as using a key. So, either mode you prefer, the dual function pole is your answer.

A woman's upper body with pole and Strengthen Upper Body By Pole Conditioning Exercises At Home3. Focus on Upper Body and Core Strength

A key to quick advancement in pole is a strong upper body.

There are plenty of moves on the pole and it is mostly engaging your upper body. The strength in your shoulders and arms will allow you to lift your body up and get into various moves. When it comes to inverting moves you would still need your upper body to get into inverts. And let’s not forget about the strong core as the foundation to almost every move.

There are multiple ways to build your upper body and get it ready. Some of these exercises are with and some are without the pole. Upper body conditioning for pole is rather different from powerlifting. In powerlifting people mostly build muscle mass, but in the pole fitness world the focus is on building strength.

a girl in pole wear doing invert thinking What to Wear for Pole Fitness | The Right Pole Dance Clothes4. Skin Grip Technique

Griping the pole is much easier on the skin rather than clothes. 

Almost all pole moves are made around griping the pole. And griping can be with your hands, knee-pit, elbow-pit, waste, inner thighs and other body folds. That is the main reason for pole dancers to dress similar to swimmers as they need skin exposure in order to make a successful grip.

In case if you are not comfortable with skin exposure during pole exercise there are alternatives. Silicone coated poles are the best choice as they are grippier enough that is easier to use them with clothes on. There are also grippy leggings and body suits that can help you grip on the pole without baring your skin.

a pole dancer hanging from a pole looking at online pole dance classes5. Online and Physical Pole Lessons

Whilst pole classes are great, consistent pole, flexibility and straightening practises will get you advancing faster

Pole dancing beginner lessons are very crucial in-order to improve pole dancing. There are certain tricks and techniques in pole dancing that if learned incorrectly, it can be hard to unlearn them. It is highly advisable to start your pole journey by having a proper routine or attend certified and experienced pole dancing beginner classes. Learning correct forms and regular practice are the most important parts of pole fitness development.

How to pole dance for beginners? It is not easy to advise whether if you learn better in class or online as everyone has a different learning preference. You need to consider to not just search for pole dancing beginner classes near me, as the right class might not be near to you. But one thing for sure, online classes are easy to access and learn from which is a great way to help with your day to day pole fitness schedule. For instance, the Beginner Pole Dancer VBook can be a great guide for those who prefer to practice at home.

Topless man leaning on crash mat thinking Pole Dance Mat Lupit Round Pole Dance Crash Mat Review6. Consider Crash Mat for Safety

Crash mats are the best answer to pole falls.

Every sport has its own form of injury. And the most common injury in pole dancing is falling. Especially, among beginners. Many pole moves require hanging aerially from the pole.

There are mainly two solutions to prevent and make pole falls safer; Spotter and Crash Mat

Spotter: This is a person (a good friend or pole friend) who will watch you while you are learning a new move. This way in case you are falling this person can assist you and prevent a fall. Just make sure your spotter is aware of the move you are attempting and knows how to spot you when you need help.
Crash Mat: This is a product that is always there for you. All you have to do is to open it up and place it on the ground under your pole. The crash mat will provide you with a soft and safe landing.

A girl practising pole fitness while hanging from a pole using hand grip gel7. Grip Aid for Better Grip

Pole bruises aka kisses can be reduced by use of Grip Aid.

Pole fitness or pole dancing has plenty of moves that are based on griping. And not all griping is by hand. Pole bruises usually happen during the moves that you use your other parts of your body to grip the pole such as; the side of your legs or your arms.

There are ways to reduce or even prevent pole bruises. Most pole bruises happens when the beginner pole dancer gives extra pressure to the grip than needed. As a result, this leads to pinching and over squeezing your skin which leads to bruises. Grip Aids can be rather helpful in this matter as they provide you a more firm grip which reduces the chances of you over pressing the grip and cause a bruise. Read to learn How To Prevent And Heal Calluses From Pole Dancing.

A girl stretching her arms getting ready to exercise but have no time to do it8. Document Your Progress

By documenting your pole progress you can speed up learning and narrow down your targeted moves.

Celebrate every win and document your progress regularly. Taking videos and photos helps to see how far you have progressed and gives you a chance to see your own lines and movements as an observer. Sharing your progress on Social Media and engaging with the community really helps to keep the motivation going. You can learn from others as well as get inspired.

Is pole dancing hard? Pole dancing has different levels and areas to cover. Some levels can be rather difficult, while others are easier but overall it is absolutely rewarding at any scale. Needles to say with practice, pole dancing can become easier and help you build your strength up for more advance levels.

The rewarding aspect of the pole dancing lies in its ability to improve strength, flexibility, and coordination while boosting confidence and creativity. Suitable for various fitness levels, pole dancing offers a rewarding and empowering exercise experience.

My personal advise is to make a private Instagram account as your own personal pole dance for beginner tips. And keep a record of your moves and development. This way you will save up the storage space on your phone.

a girl holding her head cause she is feeling dizzy after spinning on pole dance9. Prepare for Spinning and Dizziness

Pole dizziness is temporary and slows down as you improve.

There are plenty of pole dancers who experience dizziness when dancing on a spin pole. There are certain ways, styles and practices to reduce dizziness. Getting to know tips and ways to reduce dizziness can help you enjoy spin pole and progress more. In my experience, regular practice and embracing the spin gradually can help you normalise and get used to it. If it is still a struggle, just slow down and apply less momentum to reduce the spin speed.

Subscribe to pole fitness dancing blog10. Join Pole Dance Community

It is proven you improve faster when you are part of a team.

There are plenty of pole communities and groups out there. It is great to join as many as you can as a beginner. Give yourself the chance to get to know them all and share your journey too. Pole communities tend to be very supportive and welcoming. We also highly encourage you to make friends with other pole dancers because this way you can help and spot each other.

Its always good to join a Pole Community and follow a good pole dance blog to know updates about the sport. Pole Fitness Dancing blog and website has been ranked #8 among Top 60 Pole Dance Blogs and Websites. Click Here to know more


Pole dancing or pole fitness can be challenging but we can assure you, your pole journey will be absolutely rewarding and therapeutic.


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