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Pole Dance Bruises and How to Prevent Pole Kisses

When you first learn how to pole dance, you will notice pole dance bruises.They are part of pole dancing BUT you can learn tips to prevent pole kisses.

Pole Kisses definitely don’t make the legs look sexier. Wasn’t that the goal? Sexy legs while we are learning to pole dance at home? Yes!

The problem is that bruising is a part of life when dancing on a pole. But it doesn’t have to ruin your appearances. There are natural things you can do to not only get rid of them fast but prevent them from ever coming back!

The skin on the inside of our arms, on the inside of our thighs, is very sensitive. We don’t’ get touched there much. So when you press a hard surface like a dance pole up against the skin, it can cause some temporary damage by bruising the skin. The pole dance bruises or commonly know as the pole kisses are the inevitable part of the pole dancing for beginners.

In fact, most beginners go through a sensation that feels like their skin is getting torn off when they first learn to grip and sit on the pole with the inner thighs. This is common and will pass. You also need to know the possible ways to prevent pole kisses.

After some time practicing your pole dance moves & gripping, your skin adjusts. You don’t get the pain or bruising any longer. However, getting through Pole Dance Bruises stage can be easier than you think.

Learning to dance with proper form and grace will not only prevent you from slamming your body into the pole, but also help you sit, make contact with the pole that is more gentle hence, preventing you from every getting the bruise in the first place.

Many pole dance instructors often fall short in teaching real dance technique. Like teaching a good posture during their pole dance lessons


Here Are Ways to Prevent Pole Dance Bruises

Good and Proper Pole Dancing Technique

Good ballet dance technique and learning to build your strength properly when you first learn to pole dance will stop you from injuring yourself by attempting to do moves that your body isn’t ready to do. Also, if you attempt to do a move with bad posture and form, then you not only risk injury but bruising as well.


Progression is key when learning how to pole dance safely. Moving from one move to the next with proper form and grace when YOUR body is ready for it. Not a bit sooner, will prevent unnecessary bruising of the skin when learning how to pole dance.

Grip Aid

Pole Dancing Grip Aid Tac to prevent pole kissesGrip Aid products DOES NOT stop bruising but they can reduce the pain and depth of bruise by adding slight moisture to your skin. The moisture will provide an anti-slip “dewy tack” for your hands and body. Some dryer type like Grip Tac will assist you on a stronger grip with less pressure. These products can be used on your inner thighs, inner calves, behind the knee, or anywhere you need a little extra pole grip without the pain of sliding when you need to.

So how to treat bruises from pole dancing once you got them? There are a couple good pole dance supplies to add to your gym bag:

Pole Bruises Remedies

Arnicare helps with the pain and the bruise. It’s a homeopathic remedy in the form of a gel that you rub directly on the bruise. It helps it heal faster and immediately dulls the pain.

The second option which can be used in conjunction with Arnicare is Rescue Remedy cream. This also helps take the shock out of the injury and speed healing. I have had a bruise disappear overnight!

Remember; don’t use mint or caffeine within an hour of using these remedies or they will cancel out their effectiveness.

If you are the type to bruise easily. You feel you are doing everything you can but STILL have bruising. Consider supporting your vascular system internally. Using vitamins and supplements to strengthen your veins on the inside will also give you a huge advantage in bruise prevention. A supplement blend of Citris Bioflavinoids, Rutin, and Arnica is taken internally. This is a very good for supporting your vascular system.

Take good care of your body. Learn to dance with better quality and hang in there! Nobody said pole dancing was an easy sport.


  1. Zander James

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an informative article! Since the stay-at-home order is still underway locally, all of the facilities that would teach a pole class are closed. I’m known for my impeccable timing so I decided to impulsively invest in a pole when I have no access to a teacher! While my strength and technique is improving from the help of some moderately educational youtube videos, it can’t compare to having an in-person teaching experience. This article alone answered most of my questions and assured me that all will be okay.

    Thanks again!

    • Danna

      You are very welcome! I’m so glad it helped. We know we have succeeded here at when people like you feel confident to move forward pole dancing from home. Thanks so much for sharing and keep going : )

  2. Angie Sheridan

    I get sensational bruises on my inner shins! Does that mean I’m gripping in the wrong place? I’m a beginner and age 70- does that make a difference??

    • Keira

      Hi Angie, bruises on any contact points with the pole is very common in the beginning. It happens to everyobe at any age and more common with beginners or even with more advanced polers when they learn a new move that uses a new body contact point 🙂

      Dont worry, with more practice and repetition, our bodies will learn to apply less pressure on the contact point and you should have less bruising over time. Do make sure to ice the bruising, apply a bruising cream and give it a break to heal as well.

      I often try to use other contact points to prevent exerting more pressure on a bruised part allowing it faster healing.

      Hope this helps a bit, do let us know if you have any other questions!

      Happy dancing


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