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Guide On How To Pole Dance Without A Pole?

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How to pole dance without a pole? Pole dancing without a pole may seem strange, but it works! Read more to know more on how to practice pole dancing without a pole.

Don’t fret if you don’t have a pole set up at home yet, or if pole dancing classes are not a possibility at this time. Is it really possible to pole dance without a dance pole? The answer is, yes, it is. Obviously lack of a pole will not give you the full experience and benefits of pole dancing but it is one great way to prepare yourself for the pole. Pole dancing might seem to be all about spinning or doing tricks on the pole but experienced pole dancers know there is a lot more to it.

How To Practice Pole Dancing At Home Without Pole

So the question you find yourself asking next, how to start pole dancing at home? Firstly, find out what pole dancing consists of (for your level) and give some thought to your own personal goals for what you plan to do on the pole.  Once you know this, break down the different moves and tricks into smaller elements and work on them individually.

How to pole dance without a pole? Pole dancing without a pole can be creative and fun. Use a sturdy chair as an imaginary pole for spins and transitions. Explore resistance bands for simulated pole movements. Perform floor work and fluid transitions. Utilize walls for spins and handstands. Experiment with playground equipment or exercise balls for pole-like movements. Explore online tutorials for guidance.

If you are a beginner pole dancer, you will typically be exposed to basic spins, learning different pole grips, basic climbs, inversions and simple leg hangs. The beauty of pole dancing is you will acquire the strength and correct engagement through regular practice during beginner pole dancing classes. However, you can start working on preparing your body for pole dancing following the tips in this article.

Can You Do Pole Dancing If You’re Not Flexible?

Yes you absolutely can! But of course, you will have good reason to work on your flexibility once you decide to learn pole dancing. A common misconception is that flexibility only serves to provide great lines and beautiful splits and backbends. How to learn to pole dance without a pole? The truth is, flexibility is a crucial element to train on for everyone in any type of sport. Flexibility training not only prevents injury, it improves your mobility and functionality in different range of motions.

Pole conditioning exercises without a pole are among best practices to improve flexibility. 

There are many ways to go about training your flexibility, you can consider yoga, pilates, ballet, martial arts, or even better, an off-pole flexibility course from a pole dance instructor. This way, when you eventually dance on the pole, you can enjoy training using your off-pole flexibility gains.

What Is Similar To Pole Dancing?

a pole dancer is doing a split on the ground and thinking about pole dancing at home1) Floor Work

As the name suggests, no pole is required for floor work. Yet floor work is inseparable from pole dancing. More on How to practice pole without a pole. After all, no pole dance is complete without at least some floor work transitions. Knowing this, it makes sense to train floor work as a preparation for pole dancing. Not only is it fun, it helps to strengthen the core, arms and whole body.

If you learn choreographies and dance out your floor-work, you will effectively be preparing yourself for dancing on the pole. Pole dancing is not all about doing complicated tricks on the pole. To be a great dancer, learning to flow seamlessly in your movements and other aspects such as musicality and quality of lines play a bigger role.

2) Chair Dancing

Similar to Floor Work, chair dancing also prepares your body for pole dancing as it keeps you fit while you practice different acro chair movements. The common movements involve balancing with different poses on the chair and you will progress to combining different poses to execute a choreography utilizing just a chair and the floor.

A simple chair which is light yet stable and balanced can be a great prop to practice different movements, splits, and get fit while learning low flows that will definitely benefit you in pole dancing! Find local chair dancing classes near you to find out more about chair dancing.

How Do Pole Dancers Get In Shape?

It’s all about conditioning and strengthening. There is no specific shape that is good for pole dancing. Being in great shape means having the physical means to do what you plan to do safely on the pole. Generally, the areas below can guide you on the conditioning and strengthening exercises you can focus on to get in shape for pole.

a woman's back body and how to build upper body strength for pole dancingUpper Body Strength 

Upper body workout is among the top pole dancing exercises without a pole. A lot of the beginner pole moves share the same basic elements. Firstly, upper body strength. Just like how you engage your forearm and wrists to lift heavy shopping bags, you will need to learn how to do the same to lift your body with your arms, shoulders, and back muscles. Knowing the correct engagement will protect you from injury and accelerate your progress at pole dancing.

Now, balancing your body weight on the pole and doing inversions may sound like an ambitious feat when you are a beginner, but don’t feel intimidated! Not only is it totally possible, it will change your life!

a pole dancer thinking Pole Abs Workout To Build A Stronger Core For Pole DancingCore Exercises And Proper Body Muscle Awareness

One of the most overlooked exercises in pole dancing is core workout. With a strong and stable core strength, your progress will be much faster as your core will support you in different movements and help you avoid dance related injuries. You will find lightness in your pole tricks, inversions, and literally most movements you make.

Apart from that, learning more about the physical body and the techniques to correctly isolate and engage different muscle groups in your body will also help you advance as a dancer and avoid injuries. When you have invested in gaining more body awareness through regular movement, this will prepare you for your pole dancing journey.


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