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When you start learning to pole dance at home, the focus quickly becomes learning to do beginner pole spins and things ON the dance pole. This is quite normal because swinging on a dance pole at home is a lot like the kid on the monkey bars in a playground (and yes, the husbands swing on it too, even when nobody is looking).

A minor side tangent here but a funny story >> I had a girl come to my pole class that had bought the Pro Quality No Brand Pole and she said that she suspected that her husband was swinging on it when she wasn’t around, but couldn’t prove it. So she started cleaning her home pole up real nice after she was done and when she came back home there were fingerprints on! He left evidence behind! So funny! This is a common story.

Anyways, we all want to swing on the pole because it’s so much fun and it brings out the kid in us again and somehow gives us permission to play as adults. The down-slope to this is that it’s over exhausting.

Executing pole spins and tricks on the pole take a tremendous about of strength and can be so physically exhausting for most women that they can only try a spin a couple times before its time to stop to avoid injury or over-training.

Most pole spins are upper body heavy and if that all you practice then your shoulders, traps, back, and arms can get quite fatigued. That’s why doing upper body pole exercises is important.  When they are fatigued it isn’t wise to continue swinging on the pole because you could fall due to sheer exhaustion.

So it is very important to work in plenty of floor work and working dance technique into your pole dance routine so that you don’t get too tired too fast.

Floor work is a traditional part of pole dancing and learning to do things like should rolls, bridges, goddess dips and more are all part of the sport. When you are learning the floor moves, it gives you upper body the rest time it needs to recover in a healthy way.

So to support and encourage this healthy balancing concept, I have added more intermediate level floor work video tutorials to the Home Pole Dancing Lessons Course For Everyday Women.

The first one is the Supported Hip Lift and Shoulder Standsupported hip lift and shoulder stand pole move tutorial

handstand press up pole move video tutorialThe second one is the Handstand Press Up

I also added thePin-Upp Girl, you can also watch that pole dancing lesson online for free here >>

If you already have this course, you can log in now and instantly access the new videos.

If you don’t own the Home Pole Dancing Lessons For Everyday Women, you can get it here >>

This course is periodically updated with new videos that existing owners always get free access too. With over 140 videos to choose from taking you from beginner to advanced, you will surely have a fun time learning to pole dance for exercise at home.

Next week I plan to a new video tutorial on beginner pole drops. Yes pole drops sound scary, but you will find that they aren’t as complicated as they appear for beginner’s pole dancers to learn.

Stay tuned and enjoy the new floor work videos!!


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