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New Intermediate Pole Dancing Video Tutorials For Transitions And Floor Work

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Pole dancing for fitness is a progressive process. Once you learn the beginner pole dancing moves, then you will want to move on to intermediate pole dancing moves and then advanced. Until the beginner pole dancing moves are mastered, you can’t move on to the more advanced pole tricks.

It is important not to push your body to do more advanced moves than you are ready for. Beginner pole dancing moves set you up to know how to do certain techniques needed to execute intermediate pole dancing moves. And, the intermediate pole dancing moves teach you how to do certain techniques you will need to execute the advanced pole dancing tricks.

Many women start out thinking they need to gain more upper body strength to get through their first beginner pole dancing lessons online, however, this is a common concern when a fitness regimen is challenging.

Even Intermediate level pole dancers struggle with enough upper body strength to execute to more advanced moves.  Its an ongoing process to be enjoyed in all the pole dancing video tutorials including new transitions and floor work moves.

If you want your body to reshape, get a lean appearance, and shred body fat, then you will have to CHALLENGE THE BODY!

To increase the challenge for my students, I have recently added some new tutorial videos to the Home Pole Dancing Lessons For Everyday Women Course.

Those of you who already own the course have free instant access to the new videos, just log in or use the links below to access them.  If you don’t own the course, you can get it here >>

The newest video is the Plank Rollover and an intermediate transition move called the Straddle Kick Front – To Passé – to Plank.

If you don’t know what any of those pole dancing moves mean, then you might consider getting some pole dancing lessons online to educate you on these pole dancing moves that are commonly used.

These two new videos are for those in the intermediate level.

I have had a lot of requests for more intermediate lessons and I plan to make that a priority in 2016.

In addition, I will be adding more intermediate floor work to the Home Pole Dancing Lessons For Everyday Women online course in the next week so stay tuned!

Until then, here is a video about how to do the Pin Up girl from lying on your back. Floor work is important because it gives you an opportunity to recover, breathe, and prepare for the next pole dancing move that is difficult and takes more energy.  This floor pole dancing move is a classic move and a must for any routine. It will strengthen the core, arms, neck, and show you how to get up on the floor in a sexy way.

Here is a video tutorial of the Pin Up Girl which is one move your can use in floor work and as a transition:

YouTube video


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