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When women start to learn pole dancing at home for fitness, they frequently have challenged with upper body strength. It is common for most everyday women to be unable to complete one pull up on the pole dancing pole. This can frustrate most women who want to try online pole dancing lessons or a pole dancing workout at home.

Failing to do even one pull up on a home dance pole is OK and normal for many women who are beginners.

Below I am going to share with you a beginner’s arm upper body workout for women that can be done at home on a good pole dancing pole. You will need a pole dancing pole for home and if you don’t already have one, it is important that you learn how to buy a good quality dance pole because some look like they are built alike, but they aren’t and they can be dangerous.

Learn how to choose a safe pole dancing pole for your home here >>

Don’t Have a Dance Pole Yet?  No problem!  You can do these conditioning exercises by finding a pole in the jungle gym at your local playground.  This will allow you to prepare for attending your first pole dancing class without the initial investment costs of a dance pole for home use.

Once you have your dance pole installed at home, you are ready to begin this upper body workout exercises to learn how to build the upper body strength needed to pole dance.

Here is a conditioning and strengthening exercise workout video to learn step by step:

Addition Tips To Get the Most From You Arm Upper Body Conditioning Exercises:

Adjust The Exercise Intensity

Remember you can make these exercises more intense by holding each pull-up for 5 seconds before you lower your feet back down to the floor

What To Do If You Can’t Do a Pull-UP

If you able to do a pull up on your home dancing pole, then you may want to start performing this exercise will leg extending into a pike position while you are holding your body in the pull-up position on the dance pole.

Tips If Your Grip Is Slipping Or You Have Sweaty Hands

If your hands are slipping too much, consider using a grip aid or grip gloves for your pole dancing workouts at home.

Don’t Forget The Importance Of Proper Technique And Stretch Conditioning

Remember: Don’t scrunch your shoulders to your ears during this exercise, keep the shoulders back and down.  If you don’t do your exercises right, you will not build the best upper body strength you can have.

Technique goes hand in hand will stretching properly.   Stretching with the right technique creates the long and lean lines of a true dancers body.   Don’t make the biggest mistake by skimping stretching because you don’t have the time or simply can see the value of stretching properly.

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Enjoy your workout journey!!  Hope this helped and if it did, let me know in the comments below!

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