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Dance Technique Conditioning Exercises For Slimmer Legs & A Sexy Walk

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(Last Updated On: June 27, 2018)

So you have been doing your strengthening exercises and learning your pole dancing routines to burn those extra calories and now you need to learn how to feel as confident and sexy as you can.  Feeling sexy and confident is an inside job, something you exude outwards regardless of your body size.

People can sense confidence and they can sense sexiness, it’s an energy you emit and it attracts people to you like a magnet.  Not only that, you feel good too when you are feeling on the top of your game!  What better way to feel this summer in your new bikini!

Now, most people think that feeling sexy and confident will happen to them when they get that ”ideal body type” they are looking for.  You know that sound playing in your head that says something like …” Yah, if I just lost 15 pounds I would feel so much better and sexier”  or “ jeez, if I looked like her I would finally feel sexy and beautiful for once in my life”.

A firm, toned body does improve a personal sense of well-being and confidence, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it doesn’t do anything for your confidence.  BUT, what I will tell you is that there are skinny, gorgeous women and they still don’t feel confident or sexy.

Do you have that one girlfriend who is beautiful and all she does is complain about how fat she is?  You know that girl.  That’s my point, feeling sexy and confident – in the end – is something you must do for yourself and choose to believe regardless of your body size and you can start doing it RIGHT NOW.

So, here are some tips to learn how to pole dance with confidence while you are exercising.  By doing these specific dance techniques, you will look better, your dancing will improve, and your confidence will soar when you see how graceful, smooth, and sexy you make your pole fitness routine.

The two primary dance techniques are a way of using the rotation of your legs and feet to create a sexy line while you are dancing.  This same technique is what makes ballet dancers thighs slimmer than everyday women’s thighs.  It’s also how dancers walk with that “sexy flow”.

So here are the two primary techniques you can use tonight to look better while dancing, grow your inner confident vixen, and finally walk sexy while slimming those thighs down in time for a summer bikini:

  1. Any time you extend or lift the leg to execute a move, keep the inside of the heel lifted (as if you are trying to balance a glass of water on the inside of your heel). By doing this, the entire leg rotates outward like a candy cane from the hip and thigh, forcing your body to use different muscles that slim the thighs.  This also creates the long, lean lines of a professional dancer.  You can use this leg conditioning exercise to experience what I am talking about here >>   If you own any of my pole dancing lessons, then detailed step by step lessons are included.
  2. Don’t sickle your feet or drag the tops of your toes on the dance floor. Now I know that many pole dancers drag the very tops of their toes on the dance floor but it’s not the “professional” way to do it because it also causes the ankle to bend (making the foot sickle) which causes an ugly line. You get a sexier line by dragging the side of your big toe on the floor instead while keeping the heels closer together as you walk.  Inside the PoleBody Complete Home Edition Lessons Course, there is the exact video called “How To Walk Sexy For Pole Dancing” (must be logged into the course to view the link) that show you how to walk in this “sexy” way as my ballets dancers do in professional classes (and I do in my videos).

If you have ever watched two different pole dancers do the exact same moves but there is something about the one that just looks better and you can’t figure out why – I would bet my money that the better dancer uses these two tips.  She or he is aware of how to use proper dance technique in the hips, thighs, and feet to get that sexy walk and sexy muscular line in the body.  You can learn how to do a GOOD pole dance too, you just need a little education which is easy to get.

Once you add these dance techniques to your pole dancing routine, it will literally change the way you walk down the street in ordinary life.  You will walk better, look better, and feel the sexiness you learned at home will exude from your body.  It’s a secret you can carry with you and smile 🙂


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